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Maximise Your Contact Lens Sales Potential Webinar Series
Free 4 Part Webinar Series for Practitioners and Practice Owners

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Optometry Australia has teamed up with a range of industry experts to bring you the Maximise Your Contact Lens Sales Potential four part webinar series and bonus resources. The four-part webinar program has been designed to educate, guide and motivate both practitioners and practice owners towards taking greater advantage of the untapped contact lens market by offering practical strategies, advice and mentoring to help you maximise your contact lens sales potential.

These four 1.5hr webinars bring together leaders in the fields of optometry, sales and marketing excellence and business retail management for a revolutionary free webinar series that will offer you tips and strategies to help you grow your career and business. You can read the Smart Business Tips Article Here which summarises the webinar series or read below.

You’ll learn ways to:

  • Adapt your business to compete with online suppliers
  • Better tune into and respond to the needs of your local market
  • Better engage with your patients to build patient loyalty
  • See the opportunities rather than be overwhelmed by challenges and much more

Tips, strategies and guidance to help you grow your business without
having to leave your home or office.

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Webinar 1
Online is Here to Stay: E-tailers Need not be Your Kryptonite

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To succeed in the internet age, Optometrists need to embrace new ways of doing business. Join sales and marketing trainer and consultant John Lees and award-winning Optometrist and entrepreneur Jim Papas as they discuss how the internet is affecting retail optometry and what you can do to take on the e-tailers.

  • Please join us for a webinar that will help you:
  • Understand the changing needs of the online consumer
  • Enhance and adapt your business model to compete more effectively with e-tailers
  • Respond more effectively to your patients’ needs to keep them coming back
  • Apply proven business strategies to build a bigger and better practice.

top tips sticky Jim’s Webinar 1 Top Tips:

  • Make the process as easy as possible for people
  • To compete, we need an online presence
  • Online retail will grow to 20-25 per cent—we have to prepare for that
  • If you want to grow your contact lens practice, the easiest thing is to have the conversation in the initial consultation. Always ask ‘Have you considered contact lenses?’
  • Don’t prejudge whether someone is suitable.

About Jim Papas
Jim Papas is the Managing Director of the NWOGroup. Jim has extensive experience in contact lenses, retail, business and brand development, staff training and IT. He and his companies have received many awards for customer service and innovation in retail, including BRW Best use of Technology 2011, ARA Victorian Boutique Retail of the Year 2011, Victorian Business Retail Hero 2011, and ARA Retail Innovator Of the Year 2011. Jim has established companies within the optical industry providing wholesale and retail services in Australia and internationally.

About John Lees
John Lees is a speaker, trainer and consultant, specialising in sales and marketing. He is also the author of 11 books on business development and a regular contributor on the Sky Business channel. John will share practical knowledge and advice for successful results. He is an original, highly motivational and entertaining speaker.

Webinar 2 Expand Your Business Mindset: Clark Kent to Superman

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What marks true entrepreneurial spirit? Continuous search for opportunity and the willingness to value your service are a good start. Join Emmanuel Calligeros and Christine Craigie, two very successful Optometrists who will share with you the ways that you can unlock true potential and start thinking ‘business’.

Please join us for a webinar that will help you:

  • Unlock your entrepreneurial potential while providing your patients with the highest level of care without compromising your professional integrity.
  • Implement a fee structure that allows you to gain a higher income from consultations
  • Develop the determination to get up and go, and not let a project rest.

top tips sticky Emmanuel’s Webinar 2 Top Tips:

  • According to the webinar poll, just a third of optometrists ask patients if they would like to try contact lenses. This is an immediate opportunity for at least half to start asking the question.
  • At the end of every consultation we have a vision correction discussion before we leave the room.
  • We need to charge for our time. There’s no reason for us to be charging less than $100 an hour as we are the only health-care professionals who do that.
  • We are obligated to tell patients about the latest and best products.
  • We need to tailor to the patient’s requirements. If they want to be an occasional wearer, we should be recommending dailies. If they should be trying a new multifocal design, we should recommend that.

top tips sticky Christine’s Webinar 2 Top Tips:

  • Offer a contact lens guarantee. I have not had anyone ask for their money back.
  • Eye care is the focus, not the lenses. Make a link between ongoing clinical care and problem-free wear. ‘I can keep you in contact lenses by changing lens material or changing the modality of your lens wear, but I need to see you.’ Telling them that you will take care of their problems is gold.
  • Cross-fertilise your sales. We now have a brochure that we insert into each patient’s new eyewear pack, which talks about lenses for special occasions, presentations, gym and so on. A remarkably high number of people return even after they purchase eyewear just to take up this extra offer of a small quantity of contact lenses.
  • Leverage your group’s delivery of staff training. Look at offering specific contact lens module training to your staff despite the inconvenience of having them out of the practice.
  • Start a marketing plan specific to contact lenses.

About Emmanuel Calligeros
Specialising in contact lenses, Emmanuel Calligeros has successfully built a thriving private practice in Sydney since graduating in 1980. He was a supervisor and tutor at the School of Optometry and Vision Science, University of NSW, from 1984 to 2007 and is a clinical consultant for the Australian contact lens industry.

About Christine Craigie
Having owned and operated a successful independent optometric practice with a large contact lens patient base, Christine has much knowledge and experience to share. Christine is Vice Chairman of the Board of ProVision and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. As well as being Past Chairman of the NSW Optometrists Registration Board, Christine was an adjunct lecturer and clinical supervisor at the School of Optometry and Vision Science.

Webinar 3 Don’t Forget Your Marketing Cape: Your Key to Success

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Want to learn how Marketing can help you fit more contact lenses and ensure you get the competitive edge? Join Optometrist and business consultant Jim Kokkinakis and Optometrist Margaret Lam as they walk you through the ins and outs of how a simple marketing and patient service structure can help you achieve personal and professional success.

Please join us for a webinar that will help you:

  • Develop a marketing mentality
  • Find out why educating your patients is the key to conversion
  • Enhance your retail marketing strategy
  • Move beyond meeting patients’ visual needs by also being a ‘lifestyle enhancer’.

top tips sticky Jim’s Webinar 3 Top Tips:

  • Follow up. Every time we sell glasses we always send the patient an SMS to make sure that they are happy with their product and invite them to contact us immediately if they have any problems.
  • Intermittent communication. We try to get everyone’s email address as they check in for their appointment. I recommend that you don’t contact them more than twice a year.
  • Get them coming back. I pre-appoint at the end of a consultation. I will make a tentative booking and we send a reminder a month before to confirm; 75 per cent of people keep their tentative bookings even two years in advance.

About Jim Kokkinakis
Jim Kokkinakis has his own independent business called The Eye Practice in the city centre of Sydney, with a special interest in contact lenses, irregular topography, refractive surgery, ocular disease and therapeutics. As he is in the city centre, he sees a high proportion of contact lens wearers. Well over 30 per cent of the business involves contact lens fittings and problem-solving. He is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the School of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of NSW, teaching at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

About Margaret Lam
Margaret Lam practises full-scope optometry, with a special interest in successful patient communication, retail aspects of optometry and contact lenses. In 2005 Margaret started theeyecarecompany, a small group of successful independent optometric practices that focus on professional eye care and designer eyewear in four locations across Sydney. She has worked in independent, chain and multinational practices and as a locum optometrist. Margaret also works in an advisory role with several leading contact lens companies.

Webinar 4 Smart Leadership: Adventures of the Eternal Optometrist

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Now more than ever, effective leadership qualities are critical for your personal and business success. Learn how creating a positive culture of productivity, forward planning and remaining flexible to industry change can help you thrive instead of just survive in today’s rapidly changing market.

Please join us for a webinar that will help you:

  • Understand the importance of communication skills and tools, in your interactions with both your staff and your patients
  • Determine your contact lens strategy through analysis of your practice and those of your competitors
  • Define your leadership style and tactics for practice planning and maintaining your professional and business knowledge base.

top tips sticky Andrew’s Webinar 4 Top Tips:

  • Always stay in touch with patients. Use a resupply date to actively contact patients who should need a new supply of lenses. You can also offer to post disposable lenses to any patient who phones up to order—most patients will not say ‘No’.
  • The ultimate patient: what if there was a condition that everyone got, never got better and you could fix with contact lenses? It’s called presbyopia. Multifocals are a good way to increase profits because disposables are easy to fit, wearers are much more loyal and multifocals are more profitable.
  • Plant the seed and ask ‘Would you like to not have to wear glasses sometimes?’ You are not asking ‘Would you like to wear contact lenses?’—you are asking them if they have a problem.

About Kate Johnson
Kate Johnson operates an independent practice in Brisbane CBD with speciality interests in contact lens fitting, binocular vision and paediatric optometry. Kate has ocular therapeutics endorsement, and in the past two years has achieved four professional Fellowships related to general optometry, contact lens practice and teaching. She is the President of Optometrists Association Queensland and Northern Territory Division and a Director of the National Board. Kate is an award-winning clinical supervisor and visiting lecturer at QUT, and has published papers and presented lectures at national and international level.

About Andrew Hogan
Andrew Hogan is a highly respected optometrist and ambassador of optometry as host of ABC Radio’s award winning show Nerdzilla. Andrew practises in Hobart, where he works in the areas of children’s vision, contact lenses and sports optometry. He has been a consultant with the Tasmanian Institute of Sport, and Cricket Tasmania. He is a former President of the Tasmania Division of Optometrists Association and has served on its National Board.

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