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Contact Lens Business Builder Toolkit

Take your contact lens practice to the next level!

ToolkitThe 'Contact Lens Business Builder Toolkit' is a comprehensive suite of business and marketing tools to help you achieve success. It has everything you need to help you:

  • Take greater advantage of the untapped contact lens market
  • Reinvigorate your contact lens practice
  • Educate your patients about the benefits of contact lenses
  • Inform the public about the need for specialist advice

Most of your spectacle patients can successfully wear and would truly benefit from contact lenses; combine this with improvements in technology allowing for increased patient confidence and there is a huge, untapped contact lens market.

FREE Practice Marketing Materials Include:

CL Poster Thumb A2 Contact Lens poster
for display in waiting rooms or consulting suites.
CL Brochure Thumb Contact Lens brochure
information about contact lenses to provide to patients, educating them about the benefits of contact lenses, what's involved, and clearing up myths about contact lenses.
CL Recall Thumb Contact Lens recall notice insert
include this flyer with your recall notices or letters to patients to encourage them to enquire about contact lenses.

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By actively promoting contact lenses to your patients and having patients understand and value your services in this specialised area, you can benefit from increased contact lens consultations and sales along with greater patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Downloadable Resources

The following resources are designed to further assist you in promoting your contact lens practice to patients, both on your practice website and in your communication with patients via newsletter and email.

CL Manual Thumb Contact Lens Practitioner e-Manual
a comprehensive manual with practical advice that you can apply in your practice.
CL Brochure Thumb Contact Lens brochure
Upload a copy of the Contact Lens brochure to your website.
CL A4 Brochure Thumb A4 Contact Lens brochure for personalisation
Personalise and email the A4 brochure to your patients, or upload it to your practice website. Type your practice details in the box provided.
CL Member Advert Contact Lens newsletter advert
Include this 1/4 page advert in your practice newsletter.
CL Member Tile Contact Lens web tile
Upload the web tile to your practice website.
CL Member Banner Contact Lens web banner
Upload the web banner to your practice website.
CL Email Thumb Contact Lens email template
Email patients using this header (and footer) artwork and/or content, encouraging them to enquire with your practice about contact lenses.
Orange Radio

Contact Lens radio CSA
Download and send the Community Service Announcement (CSA) to your local radio station to help promote contact lenses and your practice.  There are 15 and 30 second versions, as well as a 24 second version which provides 6 seconds of space for you to personalise the CSA with your own practice details. Your radio station should easily be able to add this information. Contact us for more information, or visit the CSA web page. Download script.

Radio file 1 (15 seconds): Download MP3 File

Radio file 2 (30 seconds): Download MP3 File

Radio file 3 (24 seconds + 6 second space): Download MP3 File

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