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About Us

Our Office Staff

  Optometry Australia is located in Melbourne and Canberra.

Optometry Australia - Melbourne
Suite 101, 68-72 York Street,
Sth Melbourne, VIC, 3205

Tel : (03) 9668 8500
Fax: (03) 9682 0928
Postal Address:
PO Box 1037, South Melbourne, VIC, 3205    
Optometry Australia - Canberra
Suite 6A Level 1, 51/55-57 Northbourne Ave,
Canberra, ACT, 2601

Tel : (02) 6247 3682
Fax: (03) 9682 0928

CEO Office

The CEO office function includes the overall management and responsibility of our team at Optometry Australia, setting the strategic direction for the organisation and attending to secretarial functions for the National Board.

   Lyn 2017

Rosy 2017

National CEO
Lyn Brodie
(03) 9668 8585

Executive Administrator
Rosy Dolan-Murphy
(03) 9668 8592


Optometry Australia’s policy team works to promote a sustainable primary eye care system that provides timely access to safe, quality eye care for all Australians, through a strong policy platform, effective advocacy and the development of evidence-based clinical guidelines and standards for practice. We are focused on ensuring our policy and advocacy work is responsive to member's needs.

Skye Oct 15

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General Manager, Policy
Skye Cappuccio
(02) 6247 3682

Professional Development & 
Clinical Policy Manager
Simon Hanna
(03) 9668 8550

Policy & Advocacy Manager
Sarah Davies
(03) 9668 8590

Kerry Hart 2018

Ben Hamlyn

Policy & Standards Advisor
Kerryn Hart
(03) 9668 8510

Member Support & Policy Advisor
Ben Hamlyn
(03) 9668 8540


The operations team facilitates the day to day operations of Optometry Australia's National office. This includes the impelmentation of functions such as; Member Services, Human Resources, Finance, Administration and Facilities. The team also provides organisation-wide project management support.

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CFO & General Manager, HR
Catherine Roubos
(03) 9668 8505
Administration, Member Support 
& Classifieds Coordinator

Helen Podbury
(03) 9668 8500

Professional Services

Optometry Australia’s Professional Services team offers members a combination of problem solving, advice and the application of clinical knowledge. It also provides optometric input for submissions developed by the Policy and Advocacy team, representing a clinical voice on behalf of the profession, and manages key contracts including professional indemnity insurance. Optometry Australia’s ‘Eye on CPD’, a professional services sub-branch, also accredits CPD on behalf of the Optometry Board of Australia.

     Luke 2017

  Oaa -5-Edit

Rounak 2

Chief Clinical Officer 
Luke Arundel 
(03) 9668 8560

Professional Development Officer
Andrew Kotsos  
(03) 9668 8527 

Professional Development
Administrator &
Receptionist (Weds)
Rounak Moshfegh
(03) 9668 8565

Sophie Koh 2018

Professional Services Advisor
Sophie Koh 
(03) 9668 8506 

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing & Communications team enhances Optometry Australia’s brand by communicating our initiatives to lead, engage and promote optometry, optometrists and community eye health. We are custodians of the organisation’s main member and sector communications assets including optometry.org.au, news blog, electronic newsletters and social media. We also manage and produce our flagship publications, Pharma, Equipment and Clinical and Experimental Optometry. Our team is responsible for delivering the highly successful Good vision for life consumer awareness campaign.

              Kerry 2017                         Trinity 2017                      Oaa -28-Edit          
General Manager,
Marketing & Communications
Kerry I'Anson
(03) 9668 8593
National Marketing Manager
Trinity Scarf
(03) 9668 8551
Digital & Stakeholder
Support Manager
John Karis
(03) 9668 8552
Rhiannon 2017 Jess 2017 Helen C 2017
Communications Manager
Rhiannon Riches
(03) 9668 8504
Publications Manager
Jess Donald
(03) 9668 8513
Helen Carter
(03) 9668 8512
Oaa -2-Edit Oaa -12-Edit Lachlan Hessing 2018
Features Editor
Jeff Megahan
(03) 9668 8508
Digital Support Officer
Shayley Kilderry
(03) 9668 8509
Multimedia Designer &
Brand Custodian
Lachlan Hessing
(03) 9668 8564

Business Development

            Leanne 2017

National Business
Development Manager
Leanne Dawson
(03) 9668 8501