Optometry Australia Advocacy

A key part of Optometry Australia’s role is ensuring representation of optometrists and the optometry profession to Government and other bodies. Optometry Australia's advocacy efforts are directed toward ensuring:

  • a sustainable primary eye care system
  • the ongoing development of optometry as a fulfilling and rewarding profession
  • contexts that support safe, quality care
  • timely access to primary eye health and vision care for all patients, regardless of where they live.

A Vision for Eyes in the 2019 Federal Election 

With an election imminent, Optometry Australia is calling on the next Government to support our vision for a sustainable and effective eye care system accessible to all Australians. We believe it is imperative that all political parties recognise the contribution of optometry and support optometrists’ mission to meet the changing needs of our population by embracing a rapidly advancing clinical, technological and communications landscape.

However, we need your help to broadcast our key messages. Join our campaign by using our new political lobbying tool below which will, with a few simple clicks, deliver a message to your local federal Member of Parliament (MP) and Senator.

By working together to ignite our collective voice, we can ensure key influencers and decision makers receive thousands of pieces of correspondence all supporting the same key messages.

Download Optometry Australia’s policy priorities 

Election priorities to ensure a sustainable vision for eye care

The findings from our Optometry 2040 project have identified what we need to do over the next 20 years to continue to transform optometry – but we can’t do this without Government support.

To achieve our aim, we are calling on the next Government – and those who will be in opposition – to:

  • Ensure the relevant recommendations of the Medicare Benefits Schedule Review are implemented, including the reinstatement of two-yearly rebates for initial comprehensive examinations for middle-aged Australians as a high priority.
  • Reassess scheduled fees for MBS optometry items so primary eye care services are sustainable and accessible. As you are well aware, the combination of a lengthy freeze on indexation combined with an unprecedented 5% reduction to all optometry rebates in 2015, means that patient rebates for optometry items on the MBS are 5% less today than in 2012 - yet the cost of providing quality primary eye care has continued to rise.
  • Increase awareness of the importance of comprehensive eye examinations for all in early childhood, in acknowledgement of the need for early identification of primarily correctable or manageable eye health problems.
  • Support ongoing advancement in primary eye care, through investment in applied research directed at shaping new models of care that make maximal benefit of the skills of optometrists and further integrate optometry across the health system.

Optometry 2040 – transformational vision for eye health care 

Optometry Australia has released its 20-year agenda to transform the future of optometry. Optometry 2040 taking control of your future provides the sector with a two-decade agenda and strategy to create a plausible, sustainable further for optometry, optometrists and community eye health care.

Optometry 2040 will be used to drive changes in government policy, regulation and education – to realise preferred futures for optometry and eye health identified through comprehensive, nation-wide consultations. It will also guide Optometry Australia to best serve optometrists and the sector.

Optometry 2040 responds to member uncertainly about the future of optometry. Developed over an extensive consultation period with optometrists, ophthalmologist and key sector representatives, Optometry 2040 is the long-term blueprint to take control of our future and take decisive action to shape the on-going evolution of optometry in Australia.

Download a copy of the report

View the Optometry 2040 video