Low Vision Working Group

Low Vision Working Group

The Low Vision Working Group (LVWG) was established by the National Board of Optometry Australia in mid-2011.  The Group was formed to be a collective voice of experience for optometry members working in low vision eye care, convened to provide expert advice to the Optometry Australia Board on issues related to low vision.    


The members of the Low Vision Working Group are:

Dr Sharon Bentley (VIC) – Convenor              Susan Kalff (VIC)
Dr Alan Johnston (VIC)                                   Anthea Cochrane (VIC)
Dr Genevieve Napper (VIC)                            Zeinab Fakih (VIC)
Mae Chong (VIC)                                            Dr May Ho (VIC)
Kevin Adams (WA)                                          Pelayia Berdoukas (VIC)
Sharon Oberstein (NSW)                                Dr John Boulos (NSW)
Martin Hodgson (QLD)                                    Dr Grace Soong (QLD)
Robyn Main (WA)                                            Rosemarie Kavanagh (SA)
Andrew Maver (TAS)                                       Dr Jonathan Jackson (VIC)
Iris Huang (VIC)                                              Loucia Calder (SA)
Dr Stephen Vincent (QLD)         

The mission of the Low Vision Working Group is to:

  • Provide a forum for Optometry Australia members to collaborate in developing low vision policy;
  • Identify and examine barriers to greater low vision involvement and offer solutions to these problems;
  • Provide expert advice to the organisation in its assessment of the provision of low vision services by optometrists, including billing issues;
  • Assist in the development of resources to stimulate and support optometrists to work in this area of practice; and
  • Guide the organistion in becoming more actively engaged with key low vision service provider groups.

Low Vision Primer - PDF

For further information or to express your interest in this group, please contact Simon Hanna, Clinical Policy Adviser on (03) 9668 8550.