2018 Submissions

2018 Submissions

Submission on the development of the Rural Health Outreach Fund

The Association prepared a submission following a government announcement on the development of a new flexible fund for rural health outreach.  Draft Guidelines were issued.

Submission to the OBA on registration standards

The Association has provided the following submission on registration standards to the OBA in response to the circulation of  on registration standards for general and limited registration. This submission should be read in conjunction with the Association’s submission made on the OBA proposal for therapeutic qualification as a requirement for general registration.

Submission on proposed amendments to NRAS

This submission was prepared following proposed amenment to NRAS.

Submissions to Government - establishment of 'opt in' PCEHR

The following two submissions have been prepared in response to two Government discussion papers on the establishment of the 'opt in' Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records (PCEHR).

Submission to Government on MBS rebates for telehealth

The following submission on telehealth rebates has been prepared in response to a Government discussion paper on the development of MBS rebates for on line consultations.

Submission to OBA on therapeutic qualifications for general registration

This submission on therapeutic qualifications for general registration was prepared following the Optometry Board consultation.

FOI request for workforce submissions

The association made two submissions to Skills Australia on the optometric workforce.