Your say

Your say

Your say

Optometry Australia works to ensure its policy and advocacy work is responsive to members’ needs. Some of the avenues we employ to ensure we stay informed about members’ perspectives and experiences are:

  • national members surveys designed to better understand members’ priorities and key issues
  • inviting member participation in working groups established to support the development of position statements, guidelines and standards
  • inviting member input to the organisations policy development or responses to key external consultations.

We also support members to work with us in the pursuit of key advocacy objectives when required. This page provides details of how you can get involved in current Optometry Australia member consultations and advocacy activities.         

National survey of members

Optometry Australia conducts a biennial survey of members to ensure we understand how members want Optometry Australia to support and represent the profession and them as individual members. A summary of results from the most recent survey, conducted in 2016, is available here.                              

Optometry Australia member consultations

Cut the red tape campaign

Optometry Australia is asking members to share their red tape woes. We’ll be taking member frustrations about unnecessary paper work and bureaucratic barriers to relevant Government departments seeking simplification. We can’t promise success on all fronts, but with a Government committed to cutting red tape and over-regulation, the time is ripe. Simply email your red tape frustrations to

Public consultations

Optometry Australia believes it’s important that optometry perspectives inform the development of policies, guidelines and programs relevant to eye health and the practise of optometry, and encourages optometrists to participate directly in relevant consultations being undertaken by Government and non-Government entities. Relevant consultations will be noted here.

Member advocacy campaigns

Recently the organisation called on members to support advocacy efforts related to removing the cap on fees optometrists can charge under Medicare and ensuring the proposed reform to introduce a cap on tax deductions for self-education expenses. In both instances our messages have been heard and the issues are under further consideration by the Government. Members will be kept abreast of further news on these issues and of further advocacy campaigns planned.

Optometry Australia member working groups

The organisation is currently working with three short-term working groups to support the development of Low Vision policy and advocacy and clinical guidelines related to diabetes and glaucoma. For more information on these groups contact

Optometry Australia’s standing Rural Optometry Group and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Eye Health Working Group provide a forum for members to advise the organisation on policy and advocacy work in these areas on an ongoing basis. Further information is available via this website.        

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