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Mr Orange. It’s not a juicer


Rodney Morrison

Berryman Optical Grindshop, Dubbo NSW


Mr Orange




Lens technology is rapidly changing the face of the market—superhydrophobic lenses are now the norm, and with frames increasingly more challenging to edge, I decided to secure a more efficient way to manufacture my end product, while providing myself with extra resources. This extra time would allow me to continue producing high-end work that my clients have come to expect and would allow for growth.

I was introduced to Mr Orange by OptiMed’s sales representative John Larkin. The functions of Mr Orange include a nine-base wrap customised bevel innovation with optical tracing that is twice as fast as mechanical tracing for rimless and groove jobs. I was equally impressed with the way all complicated functions are made simple using the ergonomic simplicity of the blocker interface.

The Mr Orange edger was installed in the lab at Berryman Optical within a few hours. Following installation, the rest of the day was spent customising the edger to my specifications and running test jobs. I had managed to buy some time on a few of the more complicated jobs that I had received over the previous few days and so put the edger straight to work with some customised bevelling required on high Rx jobs.

I have always been proud of completing this work by hand, and I sat back and watched the edger complete the job with ease. The following day, John Larkin remained in my lab to continue his support and by the close of business, my job queue was empty. My focus could now be turned into fine tuning the next phase of my business development knowing that quality and reliably were in safe hands.

Seven months after installation, Mr Orange has not skipped a beat. No matter what material or design I have requested, it has performed as requested without complaint.

The optical industry has become more competitive. Increased pressure from imported products and the convenience provided by globalisation and the internet have been a challenge for Berryman Optical. Being able to produce conventional progressive lenses as well as bifocal and trifocal lenses daily has been a benefit that I can offer my clients. I offer a more personalised service and solutions for tough, hard-to-access needs.

I aim to continue to keep Berryman Optical as technologically advanced as required to ensure my clients get the best quality and service possible. Mr Orange has allowed me to offer automated edging that gives me the control to alter the finishes of the more complex frames and materials such as high wrap sunglasses, rimless and nylon frames.

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