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Well designed and unintimidating


Dr CH Khong


Geraldton WA


Canon OCT HS 100




In our practice, we provide a general ophthalmology service in addition to my retinal subspeciality. We have relatively small rooms, our patients range in age from premature babies to centenarians, and the clinic is busy.

The Canon HS 100 is a compact and quiet table-top machine. It comprises an integrated head-rest frame and a measurement unit on a base. All the cables exit the small footprint base at the rear neatly. It is well designed externally and has a soft, unintimidating look for patients.

Scanning with the HS 100 is a doddle, relatively speaking. Once the patient is correctly positioned on the motorised chinrest, the entire scan routine can be fully automated or manual and is controlled via a PC. This includes the scanner realigning itself to the right or left eye and chinrest height. The patient’s head position remains unchanged throughout the scan, which minimises instructions and speeds up the process.

The scan routine obviously includes measurement unit positioning, focusing, polarisation and C-gate adjustments which again can all be fully automated and if necessary, fine-tuned manually. A traffic light system indicates scan quality prior to the final scan acquisition. The scan quality is improved by eye tracking and up to 150 images can be averaged for single line scans. Subsequent scans align to the original scan location for follow-up. The automation also reduces dependence on operator experience, which is reassuring for us.

Horizontally, 13 mm retinal slices are possible and 10 mm vertically. Macular, glaucoma modes are selectable and the C-gate is automatically adjusted depending on whether the vitreous or choroid is selected. Line scans, crosses, multicrosses, radial lines and 3-D scans can be user-defined. The glaucoma studies are comprehensive and the nerve fibre layer + ganglion cell layer + inner plexiform layer analysis are particularly useful for glaucoma suspects. The unit switches to anterior segment scans by simply screwing in an adapter lens in front of the objective lens and attaching a forehead rest.

E036 Optimed Canon HS-100 OCT_Image II - F

The system is neither perfect nor idiot-proof but the underlying foundation of hardware is very good and the speed of upgrade of the software is highly promising.

I have been asked on several occasions for an opinion of the unit by colleagues, perhaps as a result of being an early adopter and a retinal subspecialist. In the current market, I have found it to be an instrument which compares favourably in a varied context from the retinal surgeon, and the general and paediatric ophthalmologist, to the optometrist in terms of its physical attributes, scan quality and ease of use.

Dr Khong does not have an affiliation with OptiMed or Canon.

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