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Non-threatening and remarkable


Suzanne Sahely

PlusOptiX A12C Mobile Paediatric ­Autorefractor



As a behavioural optometry practice with a high proportion of children in our patient database, we have used paediatric autorefractors for about four years. We started with the original PlusOptix A09 from OptiMed, which is a hard-wired unit, and early last year added to our practice the PlusOptiX A12C, a mobile unit.

The PlusOptiX 12C is operated with rechargeable AA batteries and has an in-built touch screen. While we purchased the PlusOptiX A12C to facilitate our examination of pre-schoolers or the special needs population, I have found it a useful add-on to my usual retinoscopy for any age group, even adults. Measurements can also be taken over a patient’s glasses and contact lenses. Its touch screen allows the examining optometrist to take binocular or monocular readings with a quick change in on-screen settings.

The camera starts when the operator presses the thumb-button, then a sound attracts the patient’s attention, an image of both eyes is captured in the white rectangle on screen and a measurement is performed automatically.

Children find it non-threatening and engaging, and adults find it remarkable, especially when they see how quick the response time is—around 0.5 seconds for both eyes.

For hyperopia and myopia, like any autorefractor, it tends to over-minus a little, though the binocular reading always finds any anesometropia effectively. Its accuracy of cylinder readings for both magnitude and axis are also excellent.

Start-up time is a little slow at around 30 seconds, but I can usually get around that by setting a longer time before sleep-mode starts, and have to ensure I recharge the batteries fully every night.

As the PlusOptiX A12C is mobile, I can take it with me in its convenient carry bag when giving talks to teachers and maternal-health nurses. They have been very impressed with the technology and reassured by the fact that there is another objective assessment tool we can use for young children.

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