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Optimise examinations


Richard Thompson
BOptom(Hons) MOptom GradCertOcTher

Canon OCT HS100



An OCT wasn’t always on the top of my list. In previous roles, I worked with OCTs but I found them to be noisy and at times difficult to achieve scans quickly. We also have limited space and needed an instrument that was compact. Conveniently, the Canon OCT-HS100 is quieter and smaller than previous OCTs I have used, which is important in a small consulting room.

We explored our options before purchasing an OCT and it became quickly apparent that we required scanning laser ophthalmoscope (SLO) technology from our device. The difference in scan time and image resolution is phenomenal.

The ability of an SLO to rescan the same point I scanned last time through vessel tracking essentially saves me time and ensures my patient has continuity in results. Add Canon’s fully-automated eye tracking technology to the impressive compact design and you can see why I quickly decided where my money had to be invested.

It was important for me to trial the instrument in my own consulting room before agreeing to buy it. This was quickly arranged by OptiMed and I was given full instruction on using the instrument.

I found the HS100 easy to use due to its automatic eye alignment, eye tracking and focusing features. The procedure is quick and comfortable for our patients and they are continually amazed by the technology and the detail provided by the scans.

Financially, the fee we charge for an OCT scan covers the repayments for the instrument, even if we conduct only one per day. More important than this is the improved level of eye examination that we can offer our patients with the OCT.

Since the installation, I have had follow-up training and regular visits from the OptiMed team to ensure we are satisfied. I confidently say that the Canon OCT HS100 serves me and my patients without compromise.

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