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All bases covered


Topcon CV-5000 automated phoropter


Rowena Beckenham 
BOptom BSc
Beckenham Optometrist, Avalon Beach NSW

Topcon 4 in 1 instrument TRK-2P
Topcon Maestro OCT/Fundus camera
Topcon CV-5000 automated phoropter
Topcon SL-D701 Slit lamp with DC-4 anterior camera and meibomian gland imaging

Device Technologies


When Beckenham Optometrist relocated and expanded, we took the opportunity to embrace a new range of technology from Device Technologies to help improve patient interactions and streamline our consultations.

We wanted our practice to reflect the latest technology for eye health and early detection of eye disease, and the choice of Device Technologies as a supplier was obvious because of its range of equipment. Keeping purchases with one supplier gave us the edge on integrating our older and newer technology, and the support we had from the company was invaluable in this way.

We have two consulting rooms and three additional shared examination areas for pretesting, contact lenses and visual fields. Managing the flow between two optometrists and the pre-testing equipment was the focus within our design process and we chose solutions to enable the most efficient way of utilising this space.

Pre-testing room

In the pre-testing room we have a Topcon column stand (IC-1) with a double tabletop for the Topcon 4 in 1 instrument TRK-2P (autorefractor, autokeratometer, pachymeter and puff tonometer) on one side and the Topcon Maestro OCT/Fundus camera with anterior software enabled on the other side.

These two instruments give us refraction data, corneal thickness and curvature data; they screen IOP, perform anterior and retinal OCT scans, and take retinal fundus photographs. We have additional licences to view the Maestro information in each consulting room, which frees the pre-testing room for the next patient.


EQ 166 Figure 1 Topcon TRK-2P – online

Topcon 4 in 1 instrument TRK-2P


EQ 166 Figure 2_Topcon Maestro – online

Topcon Maestro OCT/Fundus camera


Consulting rooms

In one consulting room, we have a new refraction suite with the automated phoropter Topcon CV-5000 and integrated chart PC 50.

I had thought that my old Topcon refractor head and chart were fine and that I could manage with similar models in my new room. After talking with colleagues who have used similar automated technology, I was encouraged to try it and I can now see the benefits in speed and accuracy of refraction, the ability to customise the chart, the savings on my back and neck reaching and stretching one way, in addition to the overall impression for the patient.

The other exciting addition in my consulting room is a new slitlamp, the Topcon SL-D701 with DC-4 anterior camera and meibomian gland imaging. Showing an image instantly of what is going wrong reinforces the management strategy, improves compliance and helps solve patient problems faster.


EQ 166 Figure 4_Topcon SL-D701 – online

Topcon SL-D701 Slit lamp with DC-4 anterior camera and meibomian gland imaging


In addition to giving me confidence, it gives colleagues the opportunity to comanage patients. I toyed with the idea of an iPhone adapter for the slitlamp, but I’m glad we invested in a dedicated integrated system which is easy and convenient to use. This has proved to be of particular value as we are now a primary referral for local pharmacies and GPs regarding red eyes and anterior segment conditions.

For me, optometry is all about determining whether changes in a patient’s vision are due to refractive changes or eye health concerns and then managing these appropriately. My new Topcon equipment from Device Technologies covers both these areas and helps me do this in the most efficient and impressive way for my patients.

It also offers me the opportunity to gain much more from my clinical practice in optometry with the productivity gains buying me time that can be spent understanding my patients’ needs, personalising my consultations and solving more patient vision problems.

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