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Entry-level affordability


Robert Sparkes


Optopol Technology, a company known for its innovative diagnostic equipment, has launched the Copernicus Revo, a fully-optioned Spectral Domain OCT that offers practices an entry-level investment that is packed with features.

Retina, glaucoma and ganglion cell analysis is complemented with pachymetry maps and angle assessment scans, all performed automatically by the Revo. Scans up to 16 mm are possible in anterior mode.

The Revo’s fully-automated alignment and capture abilities make it very simple to use. A novice operator can be confident in using it in minutes. Standardised reports make interpreting the results simple for both the practitioner and referral partners.

High-definition, eight-layer retinal recognition and follow-up mode allow accurate and repeatable patient examinations. Noise reduction technology can digitally enhance the tomographs captured, ensuring that no detail is missed. A comprehensive set of analysis tools assists in the interpretation of scans and patient care.

The design of the Revo allows it to be driven from the same side as the patient. This is handy in rooms that have space restrictions or where the examiner requires easy access to the patient during the examination. 

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