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Mobile products for optometrists on the move


Cameron Loveless
Designs For Vision


Adaptica produces simple, smart, mobile devices to detect refractive errors and visual defects. It was founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the University of Padova Italy. Two of its most popular products are now offered in Australia.


The Adaptica VisionFit is an electronic, all-in-one, mobile and wearable system of lenses. It performs a subjective sight examination, effectively replacing both the trial glasses and the manual/electronic phoropter functionality.

Features include:

•  adjustable step resolution for spherical lens down to 0.05 D

•  cylinder and Addition correction

•  does not require control of patient’s posture or environment, or special infrastructure

•  Small footprint and reduced examination time

•  increased peripheral vision compared to traditional phoropter

•  connectivity, recording and printing capabilities.

2WIN binocular mobile refractometer and Vision Analyser

The 2WIN, which is about the size of an SLR camera, is completely mobile and portable. It measures refractive errors of each eye simultaneously, anomalies like gaze position and head tilt for strabismus, pupil size and interpupillary distance in real-life vision conditions.

Tested at about one metre from the subject, it is completely non-invasive and ideal for:

•  infants, seniors, impaired and non-co-operative patients

•  early detection and documentation of multiple amblyogenic factors

•  unaided binocular refraction of other patients

•  over-refraction of glasses or contact lenses.

The 2WIN can connect to a PC and print hard copy reports in two formats, in screener or practitioner mode, and these can also be saved electronically as a PDF.

For information on VisionFit and 2Win, visit

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