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One instrument, four functions


Robin Lanesman
BOC Instruments

Nidek has launched the Tonoref III, combining the functionality of an autorefractor, autokeratometer, non-contact tonometer and non-contact pachymeter into a single device. 

Refractor: The use of a wide area measurement within the pupil increases the accuracy of measurement that is more indicative of the subjective refraction.

Keratometer: Keratometry measurements are obtained with double mire rings with diameters of 2.4 mm and 3.3 mm, reducing eyelid interference. The display of these reflectance rings allows a better understanding of the corneal shape and topographical irregularities.

Tonometer: The newly-designed tonometer reduces noise and air intensity to achieve a gentler air puff, and the Auto Puff control performs the measurement with the minimum required air pressure based on previous measurement data.

Pachymeter: A Specular Pachymeter is incorporated with a measurement range of 300 to 800 µm for non-contact measurement of corneal thickness and automated calculation of corrected IOP.

The retroillumination image allows evaluation of media opacity. NIDEK cataract indices indicate the severity of the opacity and helps to assess the progression of pathology.

An accommodation measurement feature helps to assess conditions such as pseudomyopia, eyestrain and accommodative palsy. The artificial intelligence algorithm detects and evaluates patient response and presents a graphical report showing accommodative and pupil response, and amplitude of accommodation.

The Tonoref III has fast 3-D Auto Tracking and Auto Shot; automatic anti-dew for measuring windows; radical cut design allowing easy access to patient eyelids; and tilt colour LCD touchscreen display. The space-saving design of the Tonoref III ensures effective use of office space.

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