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Revolution renewed


Cameron Loveless
Designs For Vision


After more than a decade on the market, the original TA01 iCare tonometer will be replaced by a new model, the iCare ic100.

The iCare ic100 builds on the patented rebound technology: measuring with the tonometer requires no drops, air or specialised skills. It has an ergonomically-designed handle and repositioned buttons to reduce hand fatigue.

On-screen messages are more intuitive about quality of measurements and the information display is easier to read. A faster processor means speedier results.

Other new features include:

• EasyPos automatic alignment with a green/red indicator around the measuring tip to indicate correct/incorrect height of the instrument in relation to the patient’s cornea

• AMS automatic measurement system. Press and hold the button to take six rapid readings. The operator no longer has to press individually for each reading, although it can still be operated in that way.

• A forehead-rest redesigned for easier adjustment

• Dust cap for the measurement tip.

The new instrument uses the same probes as the original TA01 model. For information, visit

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