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Further afield with the Humphrey Field Analyzer


Anhänger, the Dresden Optics trailer


Daniel He
BOptom(Hons) MCom
Dresden Optics

Zeiss Humphrey Field Analyzer 3



Dresden Optics is a unique, German-inspired, Australian-made modular eyewear system for quality spectacles that are affordable, sustainable and look great. We are now delivering services in four locations across Sydney and Melbourne with more to come soon.

We have assembled a great optometry team to tackle the issues of accessible eye-care services for people of all ages and backgrounds.


We realised that there was significant demand for our eye care and eyewear in rural areas, not just metropolitan hubs. According to Vision 2020, even today, refractive error is the top problem faced by people in these communities. That got us thinking: instead of coming to us, we can travel to them. The Dresden Trailer was born.

It’s our anhänger, which is German for ‘trailer’. It’s a retail space, spectacles workshop and consulting room, all rolled into one. The key to our model is to provide not only refraction but also deliver effective diagnoses of eye conditions to those who usually don’t have access due to isolation, cost or other reasons.

Recently, we returned from a trip to the mid-north coast of New South Wales, covering Port Macquarie, Kempsey, Macksville and Nambucca where we saw first-hand the need in these areas that prompted us to look into visiting the area more frequently.


EQ-291_HFA3 - Online



A key part of our operation is our investment in the latest technology. The Zeiss Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 (HFA3) was the ideal machine on many fronts. It has been the gold standard of perimetry for decades. It is also the equipment preferred by many eye-care professionals around the world, which means that the patient isn’t faced with repeating the test after referral to the ophthalmologist, which in turn saves time and money. Gone are the days of the antiquated interface and unresponsive buttons. The HFA3 has well-designed and easy-to-use inputs and outputs that make interaction a breeze.


Remember when visual field tests used to take so long that patients fell asleep? The Central 24-2 Threshold Test conducted on the patient in Figure 1 took about two and a half minutes. That sort of speed and reliability leaves you ample time for the rest of your consultation.

Guided Progression Analysis (GPA)

Now, multiple sources can be collated. With as few as three HFA3 test results, sourced from your own machine or that of a colleague or an ophthalmologist, Zeiss’s proprietary software can help with analysing and monitoring progression of a condition.


TM, a 57-year-old male, presented with symptoms of migraines and significant headaches. He was experiencing visual auras and headaches while changing focus to and from the computer.


EQ-291-Figure -1 - Online

Figure 1. HFA3 24-2 Threshold Test


EQ-291-Figure -2 - Online

Figure 2. HFA3 reveals possible superior nasal quadrantanopia


Anterior and posterior examination revealed no clues to the cause, although a mild intermediate reading prescription was given. Visual fields, especially in the left eye, revealed what appeared to be a possible superior nasal quandrantanopia. Referral was prompt. Had we not performed the visual fields test with the HFA3 (Figure 2), we would not have picked up the condition because retinal photos, slitlamp examination and intraocular pressures were all well within normal limits.

As you read this, the patient’s condition is still being investigated by a local ophthalmologist. MRI and CT scans were ordered due to the reliability of the testing (0 fixation, false positive and negative errors).

The HFA3 will be with us on our future rural trips with anhänger. It is instrumental in delivering quality eye care, not only as primary health-care practitioners, but also as part of an integrated eye-care solution, along with GPs, pharmacies, allied health practitioners and of course ophthalmologists.

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