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Know your retinal layers


Carey Hazelbank
General Manager, Heidelberg Engineering


In a high quality, high resolution OCT scan, at least 13 retinal layers can be identified, the names of which are now widely accepted clinically (Figure below). The inner retina consists of the internal limiting membrane through to the external limiting membrane, and the outer retina consists of the photoreceptor layers through to the choroid.

The various layers appear as either bright (hyperreflective) or dark (hyporeflective) bands, depending on whether the layer is reflecting or absorbing light.

It is important to be able to identify and distinguish the different layers of the retina when interpreting OCT scans as identifying an abnormality in a specific layer of the retina can assist the clinician in refining their differential diagnosis.

It is also important to have an appreciation of retinal anatomy and physiology combined with a multimodality imaging approach for the correct management and referral of patients with eye disease.

Heidelberg Engineering retinal layers


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Heidelberg Engineering Spectralis OCT

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