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Online membership renewal


By Rhiannon Riches
Assistant Editor


Optometry Australia members must reset their Member Portal password to activate their member account if they wish to renew their membership online.

When receiving their member renewal invitation for 2017-2018 from their State organisation, members will not be able to use online renewal and payment processes until they have activated their membership online.

The new membership portal and database were launched in January but about 40 per cent of members have yet to activate their new password.

The online process has been designed to make it easier and more efficient, resulting in instant confirmation of payment and membership status as well as providing a soft copy of a member’s tax receipt.

Members can still renew without going online. They should check their membership renewal notice for other methods of payment.

Members have been emailed an activation link from their State office and should contact their State office if they have not received it.

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