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Pharma September 2018: List of contents


A full list of the contents of the latest issue of Pharma


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Optometry Australia revises guidelines for diabetic retinopathy

Simon Hanna


Pharmacology: systemic treatment for ocular disease

Dr Alex Hui


Ultra-wide field imaging and diabetic retinopathy

Amira Howari


Treating CSCR with oral eplerenone

Rachael Kwok


Should optometrists recommend fenofibrate?

Vincent Khou, Paula Katalinic and Dr Barbara Zangerl / Centre for Eye Health



Chair-side Reference: Retinal Vascular Disease

Christina Ly / Centre for Eye Health


CXO featured article:

Quantitative evaluation of early retinal changes in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus without retinopathy

Kemal Tekin, Merve Inanc, Erdal Kurnaz, Elvan Bayramoglu, Emre Aydemir, Mustafa Koc, Hasan Kiziltoprak, Zehra Aycan



Dr Graham Lakkis


Automatic for the people?

Dr A. Paul Chous

Pharma online CPD module (6 3T)


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