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Contact Lens Prescribing Survey 2018


By Rhiannon Riches
Assistant Editor

Members who prescribe contact lenses are invited to participate in an annual international online survey.

Emeritus Professor Nathan Efron from Queensland University of Technology is conducting the survey to investigate the current state of contact lens prescribing in Australia, as part of an international effort.

The survey, now in its 19th year, is simple to complete. Participants are required to enter brief details about the next 10 patients they fit with contact lenses. The survey closes on 31 March.

'This year we have simplified the process. Participants now have direct access to an online data entry portal hosted by my colleague in this work, Professor Philip Morgan, at the University of Manchester, UK. This essentially allows data to be entered directly into a spreadsheet, avoiding errors from manual re-entry,' Professor Efron said.

'The data collected form part of a major international survey of about 40 countries, which is used to inform practitioners and the contact lens industry of emerging trends in the field,' he said.

Detailed results will be published in the December issue of Pharma.

Enquiries can be directed to Professor Nathan Efron at

Complete the 2018 online survey here

View the prescribing trends of 2017 here

1 comment for “Contact Lens Prescribing Survey 2018”

  1. Posted Friday, January 5, 2018 at 6:32:09 PM

    It's a good idea to participate in an annual international online survey. Thanks for the submission!

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