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Prosthetic vision devices and patient outcomes


By Sandra Shaw
National Communications Manager


While retinal degeneration destroys the photoreceptors, the neural circuits that convey information from the eye to the brain are sufficiently preserved to make it possible to restore sight using prosthetic devices.

This review tackles the structure and function of normal and degenerate retina, and the different approaches to prosthetic implants in human and preclinical trials.

The authors from varied disciplines cover studies of electrical properties of the retina and its response to electrical stimulation.

The September 2015 issue of Clinical and Experimental Optometry also celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Australian College of Optometry. There is an informative editorial from the president of the college Professor Nathan Efron, and Professor Barry Cole has written a short history of the college from 1940 to 2015.

Articles from the college staff include the review on prosthetic vision devices, another review on the challenges of providing eye care for adults with intellectual disabilities, and a research paper on a new scheme for delivery of Indigenous eye care in Victoria.


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