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Special issue on Myopia Control


By Sandra Shaw
National Publications Manager


This issue is dedicated to Myopia Control and has open access on the Wiley website.

It has a guest editorial from the late Professor Brien Holden and colleagues titled ‘Nearly one billion myopes at risk of myopia-related sight threatening conditions by 2050: time to act now’, and another from Associate Professor Padmaja Sankaridurg on ‘A less myopic future: what are the prospects?’

 The supporting papers are of interest to all optometrists.

Clinical and Experimental Optometry has become an exclusively digital publication in 2016. The November 2015 issue was the last to be published in print.

Optometry Australia has recognised the need to keep pace with a fast-changing world in which our members expect easy, immediate access to information. The Wiley Online Library offers interactive HTML and PDF formats, and the App for iPad provides a rich viewing experience with instant access to breaking research.

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