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Ubiquity of mobile devices puts vision to the test


Sandra Shaw
National Communications Manager


Read the latest issue, Volume 100 Issue 2 March 2017, on the Wiley Online Library website, or download the PDF from our Archive.

Myopia and emmetropisation

Dr Michael Collins in his engaging editorial asks: Why do eyes develop refractive errors and what can we do about it? What is it about modern lifestyles that can produce a prevalence of 96 per cent myopia in 19-year-old males living in Seoul, South Korea? He says accommodation and near work are probably involved in the development of myopia for some children but it is not the whole story. READ MORE

Viewing distance and eyestrain symptoms with prolonged viewing of smartphones

Jennifer Long and colleagues have found that eyestrain symptoms increase in young adults reading from a smartphone for 60 minutes. Smartphones are usually used briefly to access an email or check news updates but some people use their phones for more than one hour in any one session. Understanding the aetiology and consequences of eyestrain under different viewing conditions is important for developing standards and guidelines. READ MORE

Soft multifocal simultaneous image contact lenses

 Soft multifocal simultaneous image contact lenses have boomed in recent years due to the growing number of presbyopic patients demanding visual solutions, allowing them to maintain their current standard of living. This review covers the different types of soft multifocal contact lenses currently available for presbyopic correction, defines the steps and factors crucial for their fitting, and discusses useful tools to achieve a successful outcome. READ MORE

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