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Special issue: CONTACT LENSES


By Sandra Shaw
National Communications Manager


This special issue on Contact Lenses provides a snapshot of current initiatives in the contact lens field. It illustrates that some traditional approaches are still valid today, the knowledge base underpinning contact lens practice continues to evolve, and potential applications for contact lens use are expanding.

Delve into the contact lens articles written by world-leading authors in Volume 100 Issue 5, September 2017. Visit the Wiley Online Library or download the PDF from our Archive.

The issue was co-ordinated by Professor Emeritus Nathan Efron and Richard Lindsay.


Rethinking contact lens aftercare 

The profession’s approach to contact lens aftercare visits is too conservative and greater flexibility could be introduced safely, according to Efron and Morgan. They say that despite significant advances in contact lens technology, the approach adopted by practitioners has not fully evolved from the difficult, early years of fitting rigid and low water content hydrogel lenses. In many circumstances, the approach of advocating six- to 12-monthly aftercare visits for all lens wearers could be relaxed, they say. READ MORE: free access

Contact lens technology to 2020 and beyond

The range of applications in which contact lenses are used is likely to broaden considerably, with expansion in both the number and type of individuals who consider them to be a valuable option. The review by Papas of recent patent submissions covering three years shows that contact lenses will be applied to drug delivery, visual augmentation and biosensing. READ MORE: free access

Myopia control with contact lenses

Because myopia control contact lenses are to be employed predominantly in children and teenagers when myopia is most progressive, practitioners need to consider not only patient and carer expectations of contact lenses, but also the risks and benefits of multifocal contact lenses. Sankaridurg from the Brien Holden Vision Institute provides a review. READ MORE: free access


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