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By Kate Worland
BVisSci MOptom (2014)
Specsavers Busselton WA


My job actually came to me. My boss had come to Brisbane looking for someone when I was in fourth year but hadn’t found anyone and fortunately, the spot was still open for me when I graduated. I’m from a small country town and not a fan of the city, so this was a perfect opportunity for me. I am lucky to be where I have ended up.

In the first weeks of practice it was hard getting back into optometry after three months off as well as coping with the move away from my family and boyfriend.

As a new grad I had to convince my patients that I was a competent optometrist, despite looking so young. I have been asked if I am in the under 16's hockey team.

I am interested in contact lenses and would like to continue my learning in that field. At the moment I am fitting a patient with a lens for the first time since he had a graft done in 1999. It is a challenging field but the results are worth it.

I prefer regional locations. We also work at Manjimup, which is a lot more regional than Busselton and we get a completely different clientele. I think everyone needs to experience regional optometry at some point as it is completely different from city work. I had worked as a dispenser in the city and see that there is greater variety and a lot more pathology in the patients who come in here compared with patients in the city.

I am extremely happy with my decision to move over here. Finding my way around the town didn't take long. I have slowly been making my way around the wineries and exploring the south-west.

The upsides of moving to a country town are the close networks and the sports. I was lucky enough to move into a house with another woman who has several different social networks, which has allowed me to meet a variety of new people. Hockey has also enabled me to get more involved in the community and meet people.

The only downside is the shopping but it's only a 2.5 hour drive to Perth, so I go up there if I want a shopping day.

I encourage everyone to come and visit Busselton for a holiday. It’s a great beach town with plenty to see and do.


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