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YO NSW/ACT incorporates


Young Optometrists Inc committee


By Ashleigh McMillan


Young Optometrists Inc is now an officially incorporated organisation, in a move it expects will provide its members with more benefits.  

As a recognised organisation in New South Wales, Young Optometrists Inc is now a legal entity separate from its office bearers or members, with all profits being used for the purposes of the association.

YO NSW/ACT chairperson Carina Trinh says incorporation had been on the cards since 2012, with the move giving them more scope and legal coverage for future events.

‘We knew that we wanted to be recognised as a credible organisation that represents the wants and needs of optometry students and optometrists within their first 10 years of practice.

‘What this means for YO in the future is an excellent array of services including guaranteed CPD events tailored to the needs of YO, interactive workshops, additional ophthalmology CPD events and monthly newsletters.

‘Being incorporated allows us to have the most freedom in running the tailored activities that we do, while being legally covered. The world is our oyster,’ Carina said.

Young Optometrists Inc is sponsored by CooperVision and assisted by ‘Friends of YO’ Optometry Australia, ODMA and Dewing Accounting.

CooperVision professional services manager Joe Tanner says the company’s patronage of YO NSW/ACT began in 2014, primarily by providing sponsorship for events.

‘Our industry and with it our business is completely dependent on there being an enthusiastic and thriving next generation of optometrists coming through. So we saw this as another way to support the profession,’ Mr Tanner said.

‘It’s also another way for us to invest in CPD in a way that supports optometry.’

Mr Tanner says the transition to becoming Young Optometrists Inc would not change the organisation’s relationship with CooperVision.

‘If it makes it easier for them to do what they’re doing then that is great, to the extent that it probably underlines their continued growth and development, so incorporation is probably a good thing,’ he said.

The legal changes will not impact Young Optometrists Victoria, which was created by Optometry Victoria and former YO NSW/ACT founder Rebecca Li.

Carina says the basic principles of YO remain the same and it will continue empowering early career optometrists to strive to provide quality eye care.

‘Although we are based in New South Wales, we believe that each and every young optometrist out there, no matter where they are geographically, embodies the qualities and capability to make a difference to eye care, and on a wider scale, to the world,’ Carina said.

‘We have grown and developed our goals with time, but the essential vision has remained the same, where we see ourselves providing as many opportunities as possible in order to allow YOs to have the most positive start to their career.’

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