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Young Optometrists NSW/ACT elects Rose Huang as chair


Rose Huang


By Philip Ritchie


Young Optometrists has elected Rose Huang as chair for New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

Carina Trinh, the former chair, is confident Rose will lead the organisation to best support optometry graduates.

‘The team and I have full confidence that Rose will continue to make meaningful contributions to Young Optometrists for New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. She is a fantastic team player and has a heart of gold,’ Carina said.

Rose would like to build on what has worked for the organisation so far. ‘I’ll take the organisation in a similar direction to where Carina had been taking it. Carina’s done such a wonderful job with the organisation: it’s like a little baby. She’s been absolutely fantastic,’ she said.

‘We want to make it bigger, better and provide more workshops, more opportunities for optometrists and hopefully be able to facilitate their career development as well.

‘We’re looking to hold more networking events next year, events, law workshops, boot camps for new graduates and tutorials for the fifth-year students. We mainly focus on the fifth-years at the University of New South Wales and we’ll be focusing on new graduates from Canberra soon.’

More workshops are high on Rose’s agenda. ‘We had a foreign body removal workshop a few months ago, and that was really well received. It was great to get optometrists come in who are confident with removals and take young optometrists through that course and see them come out a lot more confident in their skills.’

Rose studied a Bachelor of Vision Science at the University of New South Wales where she was vice president of the Optometry Society, and she currently practises optometry in Dapto, 100 kilometres south of Sydney.

She began as a YO subcommittee member a year ago, working on event planning, social media and the organisation’s blog. She said she joined YO because the organisation helped her confidence as a new graduate and assisted her with administration and obtaining provider numbers, and invited her to boot camps and other events.

‘I’ve always loved Young Optometrists. I remember being a new graduate and they helped me so much, so I’d really love to give back and do more to shape the future of optometry,’ Rose said.

‘I think we have a really great team and we’re able to support each other and in turn, support the new graduates and optometrists.’

Rose’s advice for new graduates is to embrace new experiences.

‘After studying for such a long time, for five or more years in some cases, optometry graduates know their stuff, but there are always great optometrists around who are willing to teach and guide them.’

The organisation’s goal is to improve networking and social opportunities for optometrists up to 10 years after graduating by identifying career pathways, providing learning environments and helping to develop careers.


1 comment for “Young Optometrists NSW/ACT elects Rose Huang as chair”

  1. Posted Friday, January 5, 2018 at 6:34:38 PM

    Of course, Carina has done such a wonderful job with the organisation! It's just a wonderful recommendation for new graduates to embrace absolutely new experiences.

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