For Optometrists

For Optometrists

By being a member of Optometry Australia, you are investing in your profession, your future and your career. As a collective we can work together to strengthen, protect and promote the profession of optometry and community eye-health. A stronger profession means a more rewarding and secure future for all optometrists. In addition to leading and advancing the optometry sector, Optometry Australia provides a range of exclusive services and value-added benefits for its members.

Professional Development and CPD - more information here

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a mandatory registration requirement for all optometrists registered to practice with the Optometry Board of Australia. The Optometry Board of Australia authorises Optometry Australia to administer the CPD accreditation program on their behalf, which includes granting of accreditation for CPD activities and assigning CPD points.

Optometry Australia also delivers a program of quality CPD activities, including our flagship conferences.


Optometry Australia represents optometry in dealings with government and political parties to maintain and enhance the profession's position in the delivery of primary eye-health care for the benefit of patient care. The organisation negotiates on behalf of optometry to ensure that optometry services are comprehensively provided to the community and that the public funding of optometry services, provided through Medicare, is fairly remunerated. See our advocacy work for more information.

Indemnity insurance

All members of the organisation are automatically provided with indemnity insurance that covers them for claims of malpractice up to the value of $10 million for any one claim and up to $10 million in aggregate. Members seeking extended cover can obtain it through the organisation's provider and Optometry Australia encourages all members to contact the Association for any advice or support in the event of a claim or an incident that may lead to a claim.


Optometry Australia publishes and supplies its members with a range of quality print and electronic publications specifically designed to keep them informed on clinical updates and sector news. Mastheads include Australian Optometry, Clinical & Experimental Optometry and feature magazines.

Education and research

Optometry Australia and our State Divisions are the premium provider of continuing professional education for optometrists in Australia. Collectively we hold regular local conferences and seminars across the country and maintain a list of relevant overseas congresses.

Member advice

Optometry Australia provides advice to members on practice management and other professional matters. It aims to ensure optometrists understand and honour the Medicare undertaking. It also provides confidential telephone human resources, industrial relations and general work place advice to all members.  Contact details.

Advantage program

The member Advantage Program provides access to special offers and discounts from a wide range of providers. From banking, insurance, legal and financial advice to credit card products, website software packages and travel club membership, members can access generous discounts. 

International role

Optometry Australia (via the former Optometrists Association Australia) is a member of the World Council of Optometry and the Asia-Pacific Council of Optometry. It is also in regular communication with many overseas optometric associations and participates in exchange visits with some associations.

Industry liaison

Optometry Australia works co-operatively with other industry bodies such as, Vision 2020; ODMA & CCLSA; the ACO; BHVI; NACCHO as well as Government departments both Federally and State based.

Planning for the profession

Optometry Australia conducts regular studies that monitor the workforce, to ensure the profession's continued viability. It maintains a bank of statistics and a library of information that are used in the organisation’s promotion of optometry and that are available to members to use in the management of their practices.

Practice management

The organisation produces an online resource titled Practice which deals directly with practice management concerns.

Public relations

Optometry Australia regularly develops public awareness and information programs aimed at raising the profile and expanding the public's understanding of optometry.

Relations with other professional groups

Optometry Australia maintains ongoing relations with other professional organisations, particularly those in the health-care field. Meetings are regularly held with medical, pharmacy and paramedical organisations. The organisation has materials to assist members in establishing relationships with local general medical practitioners and has close associations with sports medicine and low vision groups.

Relations with Consumer Groups

Optometry Australia has developed close working relationships with consumer groups such as Diabetes Australia, Glaucoma Australia, Macular Disease Foundation and Vision 2020. These groups are critical in dealing directly with the prevention of vision conditions among high risk groups.