Advantage Program - Member benefits

Advantage Program - Member benefits

Legal, human resources and workplace relations assistance
(formerly known as Optometry Member Assist)

Because Optometry Australia represents the diversity of registered optometrists in Australia, we offer human resource and workplace relations advice through our partner, Industry Legal Group (ILG) to all members. 

This service is staffed by legal practitioners and workplace relations consultants with specific knowledge of the optometry profession.

ILG’s services are accessible to:

1. Members who are employed as optometrists.

2. Members who are employers of optometrists and other staff.

ILG has stringent internal process to counter any conflict of interest which means that if a member employer is seeking advice on an employee and that employee also contacts ILG, each will be supported by separated and complete privacy.

The initial consultation is provided free of charge to members and then if further advice is required ILG will provide this as significantly discounted rates on a fee for service basis.

ILG can be contacted toll-free on 1300 101 391 or

Employee members

There are two ways that you can obtain independent, professional and confidential HR advice – such as to review a contract, to seek advice on a workplace dispute; to find out your parental leave entitlements; to discuss bullying, discrimination, termination or any concerns you may have in your workplace:

1. You can continue to call or Optometry Australia on 03 9668 8500 or your State organisation for assistance. This is a complimentary service to all members.

2. You can call, toll-free, Industry Legal Group to speak to one of their lawyers on 1300 101 391. The initial discussion is complimentary to members and if more extensive advice is required, this can be accessed at a discounted rate.

Employer members: Employer members are entitled to access a wide range of complimentary professional human resources, workplace relations and legal services. This includes valuable legal information on the many different regulations, legislation and conditions of employment in order to ensure compliance. 

You can contact IGL via our dedicated toll-free number 1300 101 391 

What do I get as an Optometry Australia member?

As an Optometry Australia member,  you are entitled to access a wide range of complimentary professional human resources, workplace relations and legal services:

  • Access to the Optometry Australia Employer Assist website containing in-depth information on human resources, workplace relations and other relevant legal issues common to the optometry profession;
  • Access to a dedicated 1300 phone line; and
  • Access to legal practitioners and workplace relations consultants, available to immediately answer your questions.

What does it cost to access ILGL's services?

An initial consultation with ILG is complimentary as part of your membership.

Only when ILGL has been engaged by you to provide a service will you be charged on a fee-for-service basis.  These are  provided at special discounted rates to members and ILGL will always provide you with an approximate cost to undertake the work prior to commencement.

How can ILGL's legal, human resources and workplace relations help you?

Below are examples of some of the services that IGL can help you with:

  • Provide workplace relations advice;
  • Conduct compliance audits to ensure you are meeting all your obligations under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), the National Employment Standards and Modern Award/s;
  • Conduct workplace investigations;
  • Prepare employment contracts tailored specifically to optometrists and ancillary staff;
  • Prepare policy documents tailored to the specific needs of your workplace;
  • Prepare step-by-step advice regarding a process of recruitment, disciplinary action, termination, redundancy, unfair dismissal, general protections and other claims;
  • Act as your representative before the Fair Work Commission or Federal Circuit Court in unfair dismissal, general protections or other matters;
  • Negotiate, draft and submit enterprise bargaining agreements;
  • Assist you to deal with union officials; and
  • Mediate conflict resolution processes.

Contact details

Contact Industry Legal Group on 1300 101 391 or Alternatively, visit for access to industry specific information and resources.