Marketing Resources

Marketing Resources

Marketing campaigns for you and your practice

Participate in Good vision for life consumer awareness campaign and supplementary campaigns such as UV Protection and Children's Vision, or get involved in our local marketing campaigns.

Media release templates

Media release templates provide you with an easy way to gain local media exposure to promote your practice and the profession of optometry within your local community.

Community Service Announcements

Send our radio community service announcements to your local radio station, to promote your practice and the importance of eye health to your local community.

Awareness Days and Events

A calendar of awareness days and events conducted by Optometry Australia and our partners in health promotion.

Patient brochures

Optometry Australia produces more than 30 patient brochures in either question and answer or general information format.

Networking and educational tools

The Organisation has established various partnerships and developed a range of marketing tools to assist you in getting in contact with your local community.

PowerPoint presentations

To assist you in giving a talk or presenting to various audiences to promote optometry and the importance of eye care, we provide a range of PowerPoint presentations for your use.

Optometry Australia logos

Optometry Australia has produced a version of its logo for use by members. The logo allows optometrists to identify themselves as members of the organisation.

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