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Marketing Resources

Children's Vision Campaign

Did you know that 1 in 5 children has an undetected vision problem?

These rarely threaten a child's sight but they can prevent their development and can interfere with learning, inhibit sport participation, or create general frustration. Many children's vision problems cannot be easily detected by parents or teachers and are often mistaken for other problems.

As a practising optometrist you understand how crucial early detection of vision problems can be in treatment and prevention. Through the children's vision campaign we aim to educate both teachers and parents about the importance of regular eye checks.

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Video: ‘Are they missing out?’

We created this video to highlight how children can feel excluded from day-to-day activities due to vision issues: Please share this video via your own websites or social media channels.

Education materials for Australian schools

We have developed several Australian-curriculum appropriate education materials for introduction into Australian schools nationally. At the core of the content is a new bespoke character – a cute, well-dressed eyeball, called ‘The Eye Guy’, designed to appeal to children.

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Eye Guy

These educational materials can also be printed out to keep for use in your practice, as helpful resources for children and parents:

-    Facts for Students (PDF)
-    How can Parents Help? (PDF)

-    Colouring In (PDF)
-    The Anatomy of the Eye (PDF)
-    Eye Guy Word Game (PDF)
-    Cornea Curling Crossword (PDF)
-    Eye Twisting Find-a-Word (PDF)
-    Eye Chart – Word Making (PDF)
-    Co-ordinates Puzzle (PDF)
-    Optical Illusions (PDF)
-    Eye Guy Model (PDF)
-    Dot to Dot (PDF)
-    Eye Guy Maze (PDF)  

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