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Fact: Contact Lens Wearers Spend More!


A study conducted by a major contact lens company indicated that contact lens patients spent 2.4 times more money than the average patient. As well as purchasing contact lenses, they purchased lens care products, back-up spectacles, and sunglasses, thereby contributing to practice revenue more broadly.

Boost Contact Lens Consultations and Profitability

  • Offer contact lenses to ALL patients.
  • Talk about contact lenses from the first time a patient calls.
  • Giving contact lenses higher visibility in your practice stimulates interest. Simple measures such as a visible reminder at reception and in the dispensing area to ‘Ask us about contact lenses’, as well as leaflets, posters, freestanding units or a contact lens section in the waiting area, can all help to engage with prospective wearers.
  • Patient questionnaires can be used to elicit interest in trying contact lenses and identify lifestyle needs.
  • Educate your patients through newsletters, mailings, brochures, emails, videos and through your staff.
  • Send brochures and flyers from contact lens companies with your billing and recall letters, or send them out in separate mailings. Start a practice newsletter and send it out on a regular basis.
  • Everything you say and do should exude contact lenses. Make sure your practice staff are always  asking questions about contact lenses
  • You can increase your business by widening the age range of patients to whom you routinely offer and fit contact lenses. Start talking about contact lenses to all patients.
  • Charge what you're worth. Consumers look at contact lenses as a commodity that they can obtain from a number of sources. To combat this, you should charge for your services up front and  tell patients why those services are so important. Exceed their expectations. Patients will be loyal as long as they realise they're getting value for their money so make sure you explain to patients the value of your services and live that value.
  • Bundle services with the contact lens materials. Tell patients exactly what the whole package will cost and bungle with  ongoing service. 
  • Do not discriminate if patients choose to go online – win them back through your service.



A study by the London Business School has shown that in both the medium and long term, contact lens wearers are more profitable and more loyal than the average spectacle wearer.2

 10 Steps to Introducing More Patients to Contact Lens Wear

  1. Offer contact lenses to all suitable patients as an aid to spectacle dispensing
  2. Initiate discussion of contact lenses with all patients and offer a trial
  3. Present contact lenses and spectacles as complementary products
  4. Educate and motivate your staff in the benefits of contact lenses and make sure the whole practice team keeps  abreast of the latest technology
  5. Educate and communicate with your patients on contact lens developments. Let them try new technology even if they are happy.
  6. Increase the visibility of contact lenses in your practice to engage with prospective wearers
  7. Offer contact lenses and their benefits to children and teens, starting from an early age
  8. Discuss contact lenses with all your presbyopic patients
  9. Fit low astigmats with toric soft contact lenses
  10. Use your existing patient database to identify potential patients to offer contact lenses

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1. Sulaiman, 2000
2. Ritson M. Which patients are more profitable? CL Spectrum, March 2006.

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