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Scroll through the collection of member’s proven top tips and strategies for contact lens success and discover the tactics members all over Australia have used to reach their goals. These insights will cultivate entrepreneurial thinking and inspire you to reach your own career and business goals.

Top tips

Experience Contact Lenses

  • Insert a daily disposable lens to all patients about to choose frames - that way they can see what they are choosing and will remember the experience of clear vision without glasses.
  • Insert a daily disposable lens for patients wanting sunglasses and show them a pair of over the top sunglasses over the contact lenses. They will be back...
  • Open your patient's eyes to the world of contact lenses by giving them a contact lens trial while they pick frames. Patient satisfaction is directly proportional to patient prescription!
  • When a patient is being dispensed for glasses and is unable to see themselves clearly enough during frame selection, I offer to insert a pair of daily disposables for this purpose.  This brief trial will often result in the patient wanting to return for a contact lens fitting.
  • The simplest thing you can do is to have trial contact lenses in store! They're provided free so what are you waiting for? Consumers love nothing more than instant gratification.
  • So if you can demonstrate/fit CLs straight away, they'll appreciate it.
  • Offer contact lenses to those with significant refractive errors to use while selecting a frame.  Just say "would you like me to give you some disposable contact lenses to wear while you choose your glasses?" to appropriate individuals.  Many have no idea of the visual advantages and comfort of contacts, and have no desire to go through the fitting process, until they experience them in this practical and unpressured way.
  • Insert trial lenses so patients can see the glasses they are trying on, or allow them to wear them while continuing their shopping. In most cases they are surprised at how easy they are to insert/remove and the enhanced peripheral vision.

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Knowledgeable Staff

  • Get as many of your team to wear contact lenses so when asked, the dispensing staff are able to help discuss and sell the product.
  • Always have at least one 'contact lens specialist' dispenser.
  • Train all members of staff to discuss and mention contact lenses to all patients when booking.
  • If you're busy then a key to success is having a dispenser or assistant who can insert the lenses, otherwise it will not happen because you're always rushing to see the next patient. Dispensers love this task because it adds interest and responsibility to their day.

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Know your product and match to your patient

  • Build a good relationship with contact lens representatives.
    Know the product. Understand what the patient wants. Advise the patient in an interested and unbiased fashion. Monitor new patients carefully. Keep abreast of new products on the market.
  • Sport is an area where the advantages of contact lenses are clear.   Asking individuals if they participate in any active recreation is the best start to introducing contact lenses as an option.
  • Frequently, individuals will say that contact lenses are too much of a hassle to put in and take out each day.  Explain that extended wear contact lenses, if appropriate, reduce the need to insert and remove as often.  Furthermore, the luxury of being able to get up during the night without fumbling for glasses, and to wake up and see the clock, is a powerful incentive to try contact lenses.
  • For many, the greatest deterrent to wearing contact lenses is the fear of touching their eyes.  When offering contact lenses, be quick to point out that everybody has this concern in the beginning, but hardly anyone is unable to put them in or take them out once shown the correct way.


Practising Tips

  • Charge for your time.
  • Bundle consult fees and supply.
  • Fit dailies as first choice.
  • When patients ask how much do contact lenses cost, always discuss the cost on a per/day basis. i.e. “.....I will be fitting you with the latest and healthiest modality, all for the cost of less than a cup of coffee per day! That’s a very small price to pay for the many benefits they offer!”
  • Instead of relying on contact lens product as the revenue source to cover the cost of providing the service, charge appropriately for the service and give the product away. Sell contacts at cost price and increase your contact lens consultation fees to a level where you get reasonable recompense for your services. 
  • No one is too young or too old for contact lenses- offer contact lenses to all patients.
  • Keep fitting sets well stocked up at all times so you can insert lenses in the patient’s eyes on the day rather than rebooking them and losing the momentum. 
  • Multifocal contact lenses do work and be enthusiastic about them. 
  • Fit low cylinders with astigmatic lenses so as to prevent drop outs later on. Most drop outs report poor vision as one of the main reasons for stopping contact lens. 
  • Use silicone hydrogels where ever possible and explain the benefits to patients. 
  • Dryness issues can be resolved by placing systane ultra in the lens before insertion. 
  • On all presbyopes, routinely measure eye dominance in the refractor head at the end of refraction. Then, since you know the dominant eye, routinely offer all presbyopes a monovision CL trial there & then. 
  • Presbyopic patients, especially females, often love it and want to return for proper CL fitting - only quote fees and start talking about the fitting process when they express this interest.
  • When the patient collects their CL order, ask them if they would like a courtesy call to remind them that they are due shortly for their next order.
  • State to every client at the end of the consultation when you would like to see them next and WHY and inform them that you will send them a reminder of this date. I think this simple, personal and fairly time effective process is the reason my reminders have been so productive. 
  • Always give patients an email so that they can contact you and be available when they need you. 
  • Guarantee to replace any damaged or lost disposable CLs they have purchased.

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