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Marketing Resources

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Be part of the OA Workplace Eye Safety campaign

About the campaign 

Optometry Australia, in conjunction with Hoya Lens Australia, has developed a Workplace Eye Safety campaign designed to assist you in conducting workplace vision screenings with local businesses.

An important aspect of this campaign is workplace education on the important role optometrists play in providing accessible and vital eye care to the community. Furthermore, our marketing and media efforts aim to improve compliance with Australian Standard AS/NZ 1336 and awareness that workplace eye injuries can be prevented through appropriate use of prescription and non-prescription safety eyewear.

We have developed a comprehensive range of resources including an Occupational Optometry Guide to help you understand your legal, ethical and professional obligations when it comes to occupational optometry.


  • Build your local profile and patient base with employees, their friends and family.
  • Increase your job satisfaction with a diverse, new area of specialisation.
  • Make a difference by improving eye safety in your community.
  • Be rewarded financially particularly during quieter periods in practice.

How you can participate

You can choose how little or how much you would like to get involved. If you plan to conduct workplace vision screenings, we will provide you with a comprehensive range of resources to assist you in conducting the screenings successfully.

Alternatively, if you would like to support the campaign but are not sure about conducting workplace vision screenings, simply deliver the posters to local businesses.

Useful resources

We can provide assitance with additional resources which include a letter template for contacting businesses and advertisements for use in your practice newsletter. Below are a number of templates that may be useful throughout the entire evaluation and screening process.

The following templates are available for download:

1. Letter of introduction to employer
2. Sample contractual agreement
3. Employee information and consent form
4. Workplace evaluation form
5. Employee vision screening form
6. Workplace vision and eye safety report
7. Workplace vision screening results
8. Employee vision screening results
9. Sample workplace eye safety policy
10. Follow-up letter

Please note that because these documents are generic, we cannot judge if they will be suitable for your particular situation or if they will meet the contractual needs of the target employer organisations.

We would suggest that you use each document as a starting point and then refine it according to the particular needs of each individual situation.

It is important to note that the various templates have not been subject to legal advice in the context of your particular situation and hence no warranty, either implied or asserted, can be given as to their fitness or applicability to any specific situation. In particular, as the contractual agreement may become legally binding between yourself and an employer organisation, we recommend that you seek independent legal advice on the form and content of the agreement before you commit yourself to it.

Please contact us for further details.

Your local media

We aim to generate media coverage in major trade and other relevant publications and encourage members to get in contact with their local media to raise awareness on eye safety and to promote your practice. Get the member media release template.