Marketing Resources

Marketing Resources

Networking and Educational Tools

The importance of promoting your practice to your local community cannot be undervalued. By getting in touch with your local schools, businesses and clubs, not only are you able to educate them in how to care for their eye health, you will be generating new business and setting yourself up for ongoing word of mouth.

Optometry Australia has established various partnerships and developed a range of marketing tools to assist you in getting in contact with your local community. Choose what best suits your practice and incorporate it into your marketing activity. And remember, we are here to assist, so let us know if there is anything you need.

Step 1: Contact a local club, business, school, community group or allied
             health professional

Depending on the age group you wish to target, or the area of eye health in which your practice specialises, there are a number of key community groups and businesses you could consider contacting. You might also like to get in contact with other allied health professionals to help build important referral pathways.

Lions Australia Optometry Australia has a partnership with Lions Australia to help members get involved in Lions Club conventions and other activities. Click here.
Australian primary schools Optometry Australia's Children's Vision campaign provides materials to members and to primary schools throughout Australia. Use the materials to engage with local schools.
General practitioners Optometry Australia regularly attends the General Practitioner Conference and Exhibition (GPCE Melbourne and Sydney) and has put together a GP information sheet GPs and Optometrists: working together on optometry to help you to establish referral pathways with local GPs.
Sporting clubs The UV Protection campaign flier with advice on UV eye protection and general eye health may be a useful way to get in contact with local sporting clubs to offer to speak to their club.
Industrial companies Use the Workplace Eye Safety campaign materials to get in contact with local businesses to speak to them about eye health and safety.
Other groups
  • Girl Guides and Scout Groups
  • Rotary Clubs
  • Retirement Villages
  • Medium to large sized businesses, such as IT firms and transport industries

Once you have chosen the group you wish to contact, contact them to find out more about them. Visit their website to learn more. You might want to research particular markets. 

Some of the groups you contact may be unable to provide an opportunity for you to present; ask them if they would distribute your personalised materials in their next newsletter, or display your eye health poster in their workplace.

Step 2: Develop your presentation and order supporting materials

If you are going to give a group presentation, you are going to need to prepare yourself. Firstly, you should discuss with the group that you have contacted what the most suitable topic would be to present to them, and find out the average age of their members. Once this has been decided, the following will assist you in putting together a presentation.

Access personalised brochures and posters

The Good Vision for Life campaigns promote a series of key topics such as early detection and eye health for over 40s. Access our free marketing materials, including brochures which can be used as hand-outs or emailed to your group after the presentation.

Order marketing campaign materials

Depending on the group, the Association's marketing campaigns provide a range of free printed materials and downloadable resources.

Step 3: Promote your activity or stay in contact with your group

Getting involved in your local community should not be kept a secret. Why not let your patients and local media know about your community activities? Or maybe you’ve managed to develop a list of contacts from your group who might be interested in receiving your newsletter. There are a number of ways to stay in touch with your patients, your new group or to get in contact with local media.

Send press releases to local media

This link will take you to a number of existing press releases for your use.

For assistance with any of the above, contact

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