OPTAUS Education Portal

OPTAUS Education Portal

OPTAUS Education Portal

Optometry Australia has collaborated with the World Council of Optometry in a new initiative to supplement its comprehensive face-to-face Continuing Professional Development (CPD) portfolio. Members now have access to a range of E-learning videos from around the world which will include local Optometry Australia webinars and lectures.

OPTAUS provides access to:

  • Over 100 FREE Optometry CPD courses.
  • Over 150 paid Optometry CPD courses.
  • New lectures being added each week.
  • Courses by top providers including many American universities and overseas optometry associations

To access the Education Portal you may wish to bookmark this link:  http://optaus.wcea.education

Registration is easy, however instructions are provided to help if necessary.

Optometry Board of Australia (OBA) CPD requirements

Optometrists must complete a minimum of 80 points of CPD over two registration periods. A registration period runs from 1 December to 30 November the following year. Of the 80 points over the two registration periods:

  • minimum of 24 points must be face-to-face (OPTAUS videos are not considered face-to-face learning)
  • 60 of the 80 points must be clinical CPD
  • no more than 20 of the 80 points from suppliers or manufacturers, and
  • 40 of the 80 points in education related to therapeutic prescribing (if applicable)

The OPTAUS portal is geared to provide non-accredited, independent learning, clinical and therapeutic  CPD.  Australian optometrists may meet their CPD requirements from accredited or non-accredited CPD, and the main difference is how these points are recorded.  Non-accredited CPD provides flexibility for optometrists to count any self-direct learning that does not go through the official accreditation channels. Optometrists are responsible for allocating the CPD points applicable to the activity themselves and keeping their CPD record up to date.  The Education Tracker on the OPTAUS Portal will assist you to do this.

Accredited activities will continue to be automatically tracked and recorded in your MyCPDRecord on the Optometry Australia website Member Hub.

Further information on The Optometry Board CPD requirements for all
registered optometrists
is available on Optometry Australia’s website.
To view your accredited CPD record in MyCPD, please log into Optometry Australia’s
Member Hub using your Membership Number and password.