Optometry Australia records CPD attendance for members to supplement CPD recording requirements imposed by the Optometry Board of Australia. If you attend a CPD activity you must use a 7 digit member number in the form M000123.  If you use an old 4-digit number or your name without a number your points will not be recorded. If you realise your attendance was not recorded you will need to contact the training provider and they will need to confirm your attendance by emailing Optometry Australia's Eye on CPD on your behalf.

CPD years

The CPD period runs from 1 Dec to 30 Nov each year in line with the Optometry Board of Australia registration period.

CPD points

  • 2014 and 2015 points - a new CPD module is currently under development. In the meantime you can check you CPD Points total here which includes Super Sunday.

AHPRA audit

Members of Optometry Australia are supported with advice and CPD points if audited by AHPRA. As soon as you become aware that you are being audited you should email audithelp@optometry.org.au and request a CPD certificate. Also email to ask any specific questions you may have about the audit.

CPD questions

Please email Optometry Australia's Eye on CPD, on cpd@optometry.org.au for any CPD related questions. If urgent, call 1800 393 273.


Optometry Australia will record CPD points for non-members during the 2014-15 registration period at a yearly fee. Non members are able to purchase a service from Eye on CPD to cover the costs of recording and providing this information to non members at the end of each registration period. Please contact Eye on CPD cpd@optometry.org.au for any CPD related questions on pricing.