CPD information for training providers

CPD information for training providers

The Optometry Board of Australia has authorised Optometry Australia to administer the CPD accreditation process on behalf of the Board for three years from 1 December 2014. This includes assessment of activities, assignment of accreditation and allocation of CPD points in addition to a new requirement to develop and implement an audit process for CPD activities. This new activity will impact both non approved and approved CPD providers. 

Benefits of course accreditation
How to apply for course accreditation
How to submit an attendance list
Accreditation criteria
CPD Activity Feedback Form
Application fees
Training Provider Responsibilities

Benefits of course acceditation

When you become an educational provider for optometrists, you can be recognised for the quality education and training you provide for optometrists to help them meet their continuing professional development (CPD) requirements. If you have training courses you would like to present you can:

  • Accredit your one-off course or activity; or
  • Deliver your course without accreditation (known as non-accredited)

We provide accreditation of optometry education courses that meet the requirements developed by the Optometry Board of Australia as required under the National Health Practitioner National Law Act.

There are a number of benefits of seeking course accreditation:

  • You can deliver training activities both online and face-to-face
  • You can use the CPD logo in promoting your educational activities
  • You can provide certainty to attendees that their attendance will be recorded and can be used to meet their professional development requirements
  • We promote your training activities as accredited high quality educational activities
  • Optometrists have been known to more likely attend an accredited activity due to Optometry Australia recording all of their attendance in the one location, their Optometry Australia Member Hub

Delivering a non-accredited course means additional record-keeping requirements for optometrists and their attendance may not be suitable in meeting their professional development needs. This can impact on attendance.

How to apply for course accreditation

  1. 1. New Training Providers need to create an account for the Provider Portal first.If a Training Provider already has an account or has forgotten the password, log in or press the Forgot password button on the Provider Portal log in page

  2. 2. Select Application for OBA Accreditation of CPD Activity in the menu bar once logged in.
    Please note:
    Applications should be submitted at least 28 days prior to the course date

  3. 3. Select the Create New Record button and fill out every required field. If a required field is not completed, then you cannot proceed to the next step

  4. 4. Press the Save and Next button on the bottom right to continue to the next page of the application

  5. 5. The last page will request pre-payment with a credit card. The application cannot be reviewed without pre-payment supplied on this page. An invoice will be sent once payment has been received.
    Please note: If the application has been submitted within 28 days of the course date, a late fee of $150 will be included

  6. 6. The Optometry Board Provider Manual is available at the top of every page on the application form for further in-depth information on what is required as well as a summarised key points attachment which states how to calculate CPD points and the definition of scheduled medicines content

  7. 7. Eye on CPD will be notified of the new submission and will respond within 10 working days with any queries and/or accreditation notification

  8. 8. A CPD logo can be requested from the eye on CPD team when the activity has been accredited and this logo can be placed on invites/fliers to show optometrists that it is an accredited activity

How to submit an attendance list

  1. 1. Once the activity has run, attendance must be submitted. Log into the Provider Portal, select the Download Template hyperlink, and fill in the required columns eg. Course ID & Session ID, Attendee name, OA Member number and indicate Y for attended. If there was assessment, enter a Y if the attendee received a pass rate of 70% or more or N if they did not or if there was no assessment. If no member number is listed, the attendee will not receive their points. This number is a unique identifier and is the only way for Eye on CPD to record CPD points.
    Please note: Workshops receive an N in this column

  2. 2. Save the list and select the Import CPD hyperlink to the left of the activity name, upload the attendance list and validate the entries ensuring that the notes column is blank. If there are any errors, action them and re-upload, then press Submit

  3. 3. Multiple uploads can be made for additional/missing attendees

All queries regarding the application process or the CPD program in general should be directed to
Eye on CPD at cpd@optometry.org.au or by calling 1800 393 273.

Accreditation criteria

Courses that do not meet the accreditation criteria in the Optometry Board CPD Guidelines will not receive accreditation. Retrospective courses will not be accredited.

The Optometry Board has developed the following documents to assist training providers in the development of accredited CPD activities for the optometry profession. All providers should read these documents prior to applying for accreditation. Applications that do not meet the criteria in these documents will not be accredited.

CPD Activity Feedback Form

The Optometry Board CPD Activity Feedback Form is now available here. Training providers can use this form or can edit it as they see fit, training providers can also create their own feedback form.

Training providers – fees

Non-Approved Provider Application Fees

 Initial application fee – 28 days before course date  $150 per course of 3 hours or less
 Initial application fee – 28 days before course date  $750 per course of greater than 3 hours
 Urgent application fee – 7 to 28 days before course date  $150 in addition to the initial fee
 Repeat activity fee - within the current CPD year (1 Dec-30 Nov)  $50 per course independent of duration

All prices are inclusive of GST

NB: Duration calculated on actual learning time and applies equally for online/distance activities.

Training Provider Responsibilities