Employment Advice

Employment Advice

Update - The Fair Work Amendement (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill 2017 passes Parliament

General Retail Industry Award - 1st July 2017

NEW - Changes to General Retail Industry Award - January 2018

Legal, human resources and workplace relations assistance

(formerly known as Optometry Member Assist)

Because Optometry Australia represents the diversity of registered optometrists in Australia, we offer human resource and workplace relations advice through our partner, Industry Legal Group (ILG) to all members. 

This service is staffed by legal practitioners and workplace relations consultants with specific knowledge of the optometry profession.

ILG’s services are accessible to:

1. Members who are employed as optometrists.

2. Members who are employers of optometrists and other staff.

ILG has stringent internal process to counter any conflict of interest which means that if a member employer is seeking advice on an employee and that employee also contacts ILG, each will be supported by separated and complete privacy.

The initial consultation is provided free of charge to members and then if further advice is required ILG will provide this as significantly discounted rates on a fee for service basis.

ILG can be contacted toll-free on 1300 101 391 or oa@industrylegalgroup.com.au.

For more information, view our Advantage Program page here.

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