Optometry & Low Vision

Optometry & Low Vision

LOW VISION series of articles by Paul Graveson.
LOW VISION: Part 1. Understanding
LOW VISION: Part 2. Illumination 
LOW VISION: Part 3. Magnification       
LOW VISION: Part 4. Contrast   
LOW VISION: Part 5. Aids
LOW VISION: Part 6. More about aids       

This page provides a range of low vision resources for Australian optometrists.

Optometrists are encouraged to consider referring patients with vision impairment to a local comprehensive low vision clinic. These multidisciplinary clinics offer a range of services including specialist optometric care, low vision devices (from simple magnifiers to electronic vision enhancement systems), occupational therapy and adaptive technology, orientation and mobility instruction, peer support and counselling.

To contact an optometrist with a special interest in low vision visit the 'Find an optometrist' and use the advanced search option to locate optometrists providing low vision services.

Professional Development

CPD opportunities support you to enhance your skills, knowledge and confidence in providing low vision care.

The Australian Low Vision Seminar, which is part of Optometry Tasmania's TLC Congress, is being held on the 28-29 August 2015. Full details of the program and registration details.

For a full list of accredited CPD opportunities see Optometry Australia's CPD calendar.

Recommended clinical articles that may be reviewed as part of CPD include:

  • Those contained in the ‘Low Vision Primer’ Special Issue of Pharma, September 2013 (Access here.)
  • Relevant articles in the low vision focus issue of Clinical and Experimental Optometry, May 2014 (97:3) (Optometry Australia members can access by logging in to the Optometry Australia website, then going to Publications > Clinical and Experimental Optometry > Current and back issues.)

Low Vision Essentials

For more information about equipment/devices, testing, and suppliers for the provision of low vision optometry services. This list was recommended by the Optometry Australia Low Vision Working Group. More information or questions? Contact the LVWG through the National Policy Manager.

Educational videos to enhance teaching of low vision

The following video has been developed as an educational resource to enhance the teaching of low vision to optometry students, and may also be of interest to practising optometrists. This resource was developed with the support of a Victorian Optometrists Training and Education (VOTE) Trust grant.

Visit the Education & Training Resources section of our new Video Library where you can view the following four (4) videos:

Video 1 - History Taking HD
Video 2 - Vision Function Testing HD
Video 3 - Magnification HD
Video 4 - Multidisciplinary care HD

Low Vision services by Australian State and Territory

Australian Capital Territory
New South Wales
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia

Full PDF - all states and territories

Further resources

Vision Australia offer a range of information and supports for people living with low vision and those in their life, as well as practical tips for health practitioners working with patients with low vision.

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