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Media Releases

2015 Media Releases

Optometrist saves little girl's eye, possibly life

For immediate release, 8 December 2015

A Melbourne optometrist has been praised for her quick thinking that saved the eye and possibly the life of a little girl. READ MORE

New partnership to promote awareness of glaucoma

For immediate release, 24 November 2015

With the total cost of glaucoma on the Australian economy rising by $120 million per year, Optometry Australia and Glaucoma Australia, have established a new partnership to increasing awareness and reducing the visual impact of “the silent thief of sight” through community information and education. READ MORE

Novelty contact lenses may be the real scare this Halloween

For immediate release, 20 October 2015

As Halloween approaches some people may be considering the use of novelty contact lenses to add some extra drama to their scary costume. But Optometry Australia is warning that non-prescription accessory lenses can be dangerous and lead to significant, long-term eye damage. READ MORE

Statistics reveal Australian ignoring eye health

For immediate release - 6 October 2015

In the wake of a range of damning statistics, Optometry Australia has called on all Australians to spend more time understanding and caring for the health of their eyes. READ MORE

Australian rally to reverse Medicare cuts to Optometry

For immediate release - 14 October 2015

Australians have rallied to send a clear message to Parliament to invest more in eye care. Next week The Hon. Anna Burke MP will table a petition, organised by Optometry Australia and signed by over 18,000 Australians, to reverse cuts to Medicare for optometry. READ MORE

Optometrists recommend early eye examinations for kids

For immediate release - 15 September 2015

Approximately one in five Australian children suffers from an undetected vision problem, or requires ongoing assessment and yet recent Medicare statistics have shown a decline in the per capita use of initial optometric services by children. READ MORE

Patients support national petition for fairer eye care under Medicare

July 29, 2015

Australians are sending a clear message to Canberra as thousands pledge their support for greater investment in optometry under Medicare by signing Optometry Australia’s petition to Government. The petition, to be tabled in Parliament in October, calls for a reversal of the five per cent cut to the optometric Medicare Benefits Schedule and for reinstatement of annual indexation. READ MORE

JulEYE community eye awareness campaign - media release template

Jul 2015

To facilitate member involvement in JulEYE and to continue to raise awareness about eye health in local communities, Optometry Australia has prepared a media release template to assist you in generating local publicity around the importance of having regular eye examinations with an optometrist. Note: the media release, its content and quotes cannot be adapted or changed outside the areas assigned. READ MORE

Government remains blind to eye needs of Australia

Canberra, 12 May 2015

The eye health needs of thousands of Australians have been ignored in the 2015 Federal Budget with the Government’s failure to provide any Medicare relief for optometric services. Optometry Australia has expressed its disappointment with the Australian Government’s decision to ignore calls to reverse cuts to the optometric Medicare rebate. READ MORE

Federal budget must address Australia's 'hot spots' for accessible eye care

Canberra, 6 May 2015

Thousands of Australians living in regional areas are facing an increased risk of long-term eye and vision issues due to limited access to optometric services, according to an innovative national research project unveiled today. READ MORE

Eye care 'overlooked' in latest Medicare shake-up

Canberra, 5 March 2015

Optometry Australia, the peak professional body for the optometry sector and with a membership of over 90% of all practising optometrists, has voiced its concern that eye and vision care services had been ‘overlooked’ in the Government’s latest round of Medicare reform announcements. READ MORE

Optometry Australia calls for improved access to eye care for all Australians

Optometry Australia has launched a campaign aimed at urging the Australian Government to remove barriers currently being faced by vulnerable members of the community who may be deterred from seeking critical eye checks following the Government’s reduction to the patient rebate for optometric care. Reduced Federal Government investment poses immediate and long-term eye health risk for millions of Australians.

Optometrists caution kids' 3D glasses use

Australia is experiencing a summer of movie blockbusters all attracting mass audiences to the big screens. But while offering a fun and alternative cinema experience, Optometry Australia cautions 3D movie viewing for young children and adults with impaired vision. READ MORE

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