Media Releases

Media Releases

2016 Media Releases

Optometry Australia appoints Tasmanian optometrist to lead sector

 For immediate release, 21 December 2016

Andrew Hogan has been elected into the optometry profession’s most senior leadership role as President of Optometry Australia. READ MORE

Optometry Australia to search for a new CEO

For immediate release, 23 November 2016

Optometry Australia, the peak professional body for optometrists, today announced that is searching for a new CEO following the resignation of Genevieve Quilty effective mid-February 2017. READ MORE

The latest sunglasses trends - Look stylish and protect your eyes against UV damage

For immediate release, 4 November 2016

With summer on our doorstep, Optometry Australia says there is no better time than now to start protecting your eyes from Australia’s strong and damaging UV rays. READ MORE

Halloween Hazard: the perils of novelty contact lenses

For immediate release, 18 October 2016

While it might be tempting to add impact or wow factor to your Halloween costume with novelty or decorative contact lenses, there are many dangers to be aware of which could lead to a scarier end to Halloween than expected. Optometry Australia warns that non-prescription accessory lenses can be dangerous and lead to significant, long-term eye damage.  READ MORE.

Women keep optometrists busier than men

For immediate release, 17 October 2016

Australian women are not only using more optometric services than men, they also suffer a higher rate of vision disorders. Optometry Australia reports that the latest Medicare statistics reveal that of the 8.48 million optometric services provided in 2015-2016, women received around 57% of those services and men, 43%. READ MORE.

Optometry Australia launches community eye health awareness campaign

For immediate release, 7 September 2016

Optometry Australia today launched a new national information campaign aimed at increasing awareness of the need to have regular eye health examinations throughout life to prevent avoidable vision impairment. READ MORE.

Zika virus strikes infants’ eyes

For immediate release, 17 August 2016

With the Australian Department of Health confirming 43 cases of Zika virus infections in Australia in 2016 [i], local optometrists are concerned about recent research that links ocular problems within Zika-infected infants. [i] The Department of Health reports that all confirmed cases of Zika virus infections in Australia were acquired overseas. READ MORE.

Men five times more likely than women to need foreign objects removed from eyes

For immediate release, 15 August 2016

Men are almost five times more likely than women to need a foreign body embedded in their eye removed by an optometrist, reveal the latest Medicare statistics. READ MORE.

Three-quarters of vision impairment in Australia is preventable

Embargoed until 11 July, 2016

The Eye Surgeons’ Foundation launches its annual community awareness JulEYE Campaign to raise awareness for eye health – 1-31 July 2016  READ MORE

Routine eye examination prevents stroke

For immediate release, 31 May 2016

A man has avoided having a stroke thanks to a routine eye examination with his optometrist. The ensuing eye examination alerted his optometrist Leigh Plowman to an embolus in Mr Callahan’s right eye, an indicator that a stroke could be imminent. READ MORE

Labor opens eyes to rebate adversity

For immediate release, 19 May 2016

Optometry Australia, the peak professional organisation for optometrists, is challenging all political parties to match Labor’s initiative to restore indexation of the Medicare Benefits Schedule from 1 January 2017. READ MORE

Budget leaves eye care out in the cold

For immediate release, 4 May 2016

An extension of the freeze on patients’ Medicare rebates to June 2020 is disappointing for Australian optometry patients, after Government investment in rebates was already reduced by an estimated $50 million in 2015. This Budget decision is of concern to Optometry Australia. READ MORE

Government urged to scrutinise eye care as Budget looms

For immediate release, 13 April 2016

Government investment in rebates for optometry patients under Medicare was reduced by an estimated $50 million in 2015, significantly impacting eye care access for middle-aged Australians. These latest Medicare statistics are of concern to Optometry Australia and reflect the organisation’s predictions that the changes would jeopardise the eye health of Australians. READ MORE

Optometry Australia to launch eye health awareness campaign

For immediate release, 12 April 2016

Optometry Australia will launch a national consumer eye health awareness campaign – Good vision for life – aimed at making Australians more aware of their eye health by highlighting the need for regular eye examinations throughout life and promoting the role of optometrists in preventative eye health care.         READ MORE

An hour a day keeps myopia at bay

For immediate release, 5 April 2016

Increasing exposure to outdoor light is the key to reducing the myopia (short-sightedness) epidemic in children, according to ground-breaking new research by Australian optometrists. READ MORE

Top ten foods for eye health

For immediate release, 21 March 2016

It’s a common adage that carrots are good for your eyes. But is that really true? As Easter approaches, the peak professional body for optometrists addresses the question, and lists the top ten foods that will boost your eye health and help you protect them from eye disease. READ MORE

As kids go back to school, one in five will have an undetected vision problem

For immediate release, 4 February 2016

With approximately one in five Australian children suffering from undetected vision problems it's improtant to ensure an eye examination is one of the first tests they do this year. READ MORE