About Us

The Association was formed in 1904 as the NSW Institute of Optometrists. Its aim then, as it is now, was to enhance knowledge in the optometrical profession and to represent the interests of optometrists and their patients to government, health funds, other professions and the public.

Today, Optometry NSW/ACT is the sole representative body for optometrists in NSW and, through the affiliation of all state bodies to Optometry Australia represents all optometrists throughout Australia.

Membership of the organisation is open to all registered optometrists in NSW and the ACT. Affiliate membership is also available to colleagues overseas. Like all good professional Associations, the benefits and services available to members are many and varied. Foremost among those services are things such as:

  • Advice on wages and salaries, award conditions and obligations and general industrial matters.
  • Representation to government, both State and Federal.
  • Public relations activities, including a professional presence at appropriate trade shows, public expos, print and electronic media exposure and presentations to community and special interest groups.
  • General advice on business operation, marketing, accounting and legal issues (in conjunction with qualified experts in these fields).
  • Publications in both clinical and business interests.

  • Publication and enforcement of a Code of Conduct for members of the Association.