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Pharma explores clinical aspects of optometric practice with case reports and topical contributions from highly-regarded authors. Pharma offers six CPD points per issue, 24 points a year. Pharma is published quarterly in print and online, and distributed to practising optometrists across Australia and New Zealand, in March, June, September and December. 

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Specialist articles and objective reviews written by optometrists who use the instruments make Equipment a highly-valued practice resource. Optometrists looking to upgrade their practice turn to Equipment for a practitioner's perspective on the latest products. Equipment is published annually in print and online.

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Clinical and Experimental Optometry

Clinical and Experimental Optometry is one of the world's top three optometry journals. It is the leading peer-reviewed journal of original optometric and vision science research and reviews in the Asia-Pacific region. Clinical and Experimental Optometry is published bi-monthly online.

Student Hub and Early Career Hub

Our Student Hub and Early Career Hub feature profiles on optometry students and optometrists in the early stages of their career. The Hubs also include practical advice on preparing for practice. 

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