Clinical and Experimental Optometry

Clinical and Experimental Optometry

Wiley Online Library

Now it is easy to access Clinical and Experimental Optometry on the Wiley Online Library website, without having to login first to the Optometry Australia website.

In future, you can go straight to Wiley’s Clinical and Experimental Optometry home page and login, and journal links in our online news stories and emails will give you immediate open access to papers on the website.

Just complete Step 1 to Register and Step 2 to Affiliate on the Wiley website.
If you are already Registered on the Wiley website, go straight to Step 2 to Affiliate.

Registration and Affiliation are a one-time process. Once you have affiliated, you will not need to use your Membership Number and Access Code again.

Access to this online journal is for personal use only and your password should be kept confidential.


We have moved to digital.

Enjoy the benefits of easy online access anywhere, any time.


Step 1. Register

A.  Go to the Wiley Online Library home page at

B.  Click on ‘Log in/Register’ on the top right-hand side of the page.

CClick on ‘New User’.

WOL Screenshot 1

D.  Complete the Registration page and click ‘Submit registration’. You will immediately receive an email that requires you to click on a link in the email and validate the information you provided during your registration. Please do so within 72 hours to avoid the need to register again.

WOL Screenshot 2 WOL Screenshot 3

E.  Once you have registered, proceed to Step 2 below to affiliate your account with the journal.

Step 2. Affiliate

A.  Go to the Wiley Online Library Member Registration homepage: 

B.  Enter your registered email address and password.

C.  Enter your Membership Number:   MXXXXXX

D.  Enter this Access Code:               MBR66276

E.   Log In.

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Try it now

Now that you have Registered and Affiliated, see how easy it is to read
Clinical and Experimental Optometry on the Wiley Online Library.


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