Membership Categories

Membership Categories

Optometrists Association Australia Qld/NT (trading as Optometry Queensland & Northern Territory) Constitution outlines the following membership categories:

Full Member - 16 or more hours per week

Part Time Member - more than 4 but less than 16 hours per week

Academic Member - an optometrist engaged in full-time research, teaching or both and, if they provide direct clinical care, they do so for no more than 16 hours per week

Minimal Practice Member - up to 4 hours per week

Recent Graduate Member - an optometrist practising for their first full financial year, on conclusion of their New Graduate Membership

Immediate Graduate Member - an optometrist beginning practise, upon completing their optometry degree, through until 30 June

Retired Member - an optometrist who is not deriving any income from, or engaging in, the practise or teaching of optometry in Australia.  This does not include professional indemnity insurance.