About Us

About Us

Annual General Meeting 2018

This year's Annual General Meeting will be held as follows:

Date:    Monday 29th October, 2018

Time:    7.00pm (with drinks, finger food & networking from 6.30 - 8.00pm)

Venue:  Top floor, Adelaide Pullman, 16 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide.

All practising, retired and student members welcome. However, only practising members are entitled to vote.

RSVP (for catering purposes) to Nic on n.ostrognay@optometry.org.au or (08) 8372 7814


Click here for the Agenda

Click here to peruse the President's Report

Click here to read the Treasurer's Report

Click here to request a nomination form to be appointed to the OSA Board

Click here to request a copy of the OSA audited financial report

Click here to check the minutes from the AGM 2017


Special resolution on proposed amalgamation with Optometry Victoria 

Click here to read about the proposal and the reasons why the OSA Board and staff are recommending it.

Click here to read the special resolution you will be required to vote on.

Click here
 to peruse the proposed constitution of Optometry Victoria/South Australia (should we go ahead).


Can't attend the AGM and need to vote by proxy?

In order to ensure that as many members as possible can vote on the amalgamation proposal, we will be setting up a process which allows all voting members to cast their vote by proxy via the web in the two weeks leading up to the vote at the AGM. We are currently trying to break the system to ensure that it is robust and accurate. Once this is finalised, all members will be sent a link and instructions. If you would prefer to lodge your proxy by the usual paper form, please just click here to request a proxy form.

Please note: to ensure that all members have confidence in the voting process, it will be scrutineered by independent auditors and OSA Board members and staff will purposely keep at arms length from the process. As a result, all proxies will be sent to Mr Martin Fensome at McLean Delmo Bentley (details on the proxy form).

OSA Board nominations

At this AGM, the following Board members will be required to stand down at the end of a two-year term: Kurt Larsen, Mitch Walker, Mark O'Connor, Elise Pocknee-Clem & Ben Hamlyn. All have decided to restand. If you are interested to find out more about the possibility of sitting on the Board, please talk to Libby or any Board member.


Have your say

Our members regularly have some great ideas that would benefit all members and will also sometimes have concerns about what is happening in the profession (or the organisation) and what action (if any) your organisation (or the OSA Board) is taking. We hear these ideas and concerns when we are out and about, but welcome them anytime and encourage you please to let us know. We exist for our members and welcome your feedback at any time.

For an informal chat

Please contact Libby Boschen (our CEO) who will be happy to listen to your ideas and concerns and explain the current status. More often than not, Libby will have additional facts and information that she can share and will also be able to explain exactly what the organisation's official position is and what action they are taking.

Libby can be contacted either at the Optometry South Australia office or on her mobile (0427 970 565) and will happily receive your calls outside of consulting hours for your convenience.

If your concern relates to an issue that you would prefer not to discuss with Libby, then please contact our President or any other OSA Board members to discuss in the first instance.

For a formal response from Council

There may be times when your concern (or suggestion) warrants formal attention from the South Australian State Board. Libby (or a Board member) may recommend this after talking with you, or you may choose to move to a more formal approach if you feel that the information Libby (or the Board member) has provided has not satisfied your concern.

In this case, please advise Libby (or the Board member) of your concern in writing, with a request that it be tabled at the next Board meeting for consideration. Libby (or the Board Member) may request further information and clarification which may be needed to assist the OSA Board in its considerations and we ask that you also provide this in writing.

You can of course request to meet with the Board and present your case in person, but papers will still be needed in advance.

Join a Committee

At any time, the organisation has a number of Committees who are tasked by Council with advising the CEO and/or Council on specific issues.  Each Committee is chaired by a Council member, has its own terms of reference and operating protocols and may be permanent or temporary, depending on the issue resulting in their formation. Committee members may be from Council and/or general membership.

If any of the topics take your interest, we welcome your application to participate.

Current Committees include:

  • Continuing Professional Development (advisory and planning committee for SA Blue Sky Congress and CPD events throughout the year)
  • Member Engagement Committe
  • Early Career Optometrists Committee

How Optometry Australia and Optometry South Australia work together

Optometry South Australia (along with other state bodies) is affiliated wth Optometry Australia (the national body). Optometry South Australia pays a capitation fee to the Optometry Australia on an annual basis to resource their delivery of core benefits to SA members including (but not limited to):

  • Advocacy to the Australian government in Canberra (e.g. Medicare Schedule, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, DVA)
  • Comprehensive Professional Indemnity Insurance and advice
  • Professional advice on clinical standards, Medicare, professional conduct
  • CPD compliance monitoring, auditing and reporting
  • Advantage Program benefits
  • Marketing of optometry to the general public and other health professions
  • Optometry news, business ideas and clinical journals

The South Australian Division delivers a complimentary service at a local level, including:

  • Advocacy to the South Australian Government
  • Advice and information on state-specific legislation relevant to optometry
  • Local CPD and information events
  • Tailored advice for individual members on an as-needs basis
  • Specific projects to deliver strategies beneficial to optometry & our SA members