Council Member Resources

Council Member Resources

Board Member Resources

1. Board Meetings

Regular Board meetings - attendance is required

Board Hub - casual and voluntary get togethers. No agenda and no minutes. Secretariate on invitation only.

Date Purpose Papers
27 January Board Hub nil
24 February Regular Board Meeting


Minutes of last meeting

Business arising

Finance reports - scroll down page

Agenda item 6a:

 - supporting paper

 - OA President's letter

 - OA draft strategic plan 2015-18

 - Setting membership fees 2015-16

Agenda item 6.b:

 - supporting paper

CEO report - scroll down page

AOB supporting papaers:

 - renewal of office lease

 - ODMA letter (scroll down to correspondence)

24 March Board Hub

SAP finance report training

Catherine's presentation

26 May Board Hub nil
07 July
Regular Board Meeting


Draft minutes of February meeting

Draft minutes of May meeting

Draft minutes of out-of-session decisions:

     - GP Referral Guidelines

     - CPD programme

Business arising

Finance reports:

     - Finance summary

     - P&L May 2015

     - Balance sheet May 2015

     - Reconciliation report May 2015

Minutes of Finance Sub-Committee with proposed budget for 2015-16

Draft Operations Plan 2015-16

Current return to work agreement for Libby

Letter from Konrad Pesudovs

CEO Report

SA Blue Sky Congress Report

21 July Board Hub nil
25 August Regular Board Meeting
22 September Board Hub nil
27 October Regular Board Meeting
24 November

Board Hub

01 December

Regular Board Meeting

2. Governance

  • Council member contact details
  • Rules of the Association - new ones pending formatting

3. Planning & budgets

4. Meeting Reports

 Date  Who    Report   

5. CEO Reports

February 2015

6. Optometry Australia Reports

7. Finance Reports

Month P&L Balance Sheet Reconciliation Report
January Here Here
February Here Here

8. Correspondence


Date From Purpose Response
12.12.14  ODMA Clarification of role TBC
14.01.15 Jack Snelling MP, SA Minister for Health Thanks for SASS proposal Nil
03.02.15  Office of Consumer & Business Affairs Confirmation of OSA new Rules Nil 


 To Purpose Response

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