Member Resources

This is where our members can access a whole host of useful stuff to help their life in practice easier. This section is all specific to South Australia and therefore useful to have at your finger tips if you are practising in South Australia either permanently or temporarily.

Here you will find (amongst other things):

  • Our Visual Standards Manual - all the details you need to competently assess for defence Forces, Fire Service, driving licences, motor racing and more
  • A quick guide to relevant local legislation to ensure you practise according to SA law
  • Contact details of local experts amongst your colleagues including paediatric, CASA credentialed, cornea & contact lens experts, low vision enthusiasts and therapeutic prescribers
  • A list of local external services and products such as prescribing contact lenses for public patients, prosthetic eyes and low vision services

If you can't find it here, just give us a call and we'll track it down for you while you attend to your next patient!